Photographic portrait of Pip Best
As we push planetary boundaries, organisations must understand their long-term impact beyond financial returns, or face an increasing amount of scrutiny.

Pip Best

EY Oceania Climate Change and Sustainability Services Partner

Helping organisations value environmental impacts. Mum of two toddlers. Dreams of travelling to exotic places again.

Pip is an EY Oceania Partner and has worked with both the public and private sector in understanding the impacts of climate change and other sustainability issues such as emissions trading, green bonds, sustainable finance, impact, as well as outcomes measurement.  She has assisted in the development of sustainable financial products across the Asia Pacific region, and has worked in New Zealand, Australia and the UK within capital markets and sustainability roles. 

Pip has a Bachelor of Engineering and Finance from the University of Melbourne.

How Pip is building a better working world

"My job reflects my concerns with the current financial models.  My role is about helping organisations understand that polluting the air, dumping waste or underpaying a person has a cost beyond what is currently valued, and by not valuing these costs, society will eventually stop supporting your business.

What my clients value most from me is having a consultant that understands both the financial and sustainability angles."

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