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EY Transformation Delivery helps you deliver the outcomes of your transformation vision. It builds confidence by focusing on the key elements: equipping your leadership team, engaging a social movement, and building and maintaining momentum.

Increase transformation success

Achieving a successful outcome is 2.6 times more likely when you establish strong human foundations for transformation.

Improve confidence over time

We help you reduce uncertainties so that you can improve confidence for your organization and your stakeholders by focusing on the most important areas and embedding continuous improvement.

Accelerate time-to-benefit

Generate rapid value by leveraging the EY Transformation Platform to accelerate the team and pull multiple parties together as a trusted ecosystem integrator.


Your business challenge

Transformation is no longer a one-time event — it is the new operating model. To set your organization up for success and achieve your evolving transformation objectives, be confident that:

  • Leadership is aligned around the vision and equipped for their role
  • You have a social movement that will shape the direction and drive adoption
  • The team can build and maintain momentum
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How the right conversations can empower finance transformation strategies

Companies need more open dialog about how to effectively implement new technology. Finding the headspace for these conversations is key.

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Where should you start when transforming your operations?

Transformation agendas can go awry if stakeholders don’t talk.

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Thinking around the issues

Getting the right answers means fostering the right conversations.

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The fruits of creative collaboration

The right conversations lead to fresh perspectives and better outcomes.

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Solution features and functionality

EY teams help you address uncertainty and increase confidence by balancing the emotional and rational aspects of transformation. The Transformation Delivery solution uses a “future-back” approach, exploring possible futures and defining the desired future state.

  • Employ the Transformation Realized approach

    Our approach, Transformation Realized, is anchored on three core principles to create value.

    • Humans@Center: Our research with Oxford University’s Saïd Business School found that if you prepare for and manage people’s emotional journeys, you can increase the likelihood of success by 2.6x.
    • Technology@Speed: Our delivery approach is data-informed and tech-enabled, using proven, scalable solutions from the EY Transformation Platform. Data from our transformation health tracker helps you monitor confidence and keep performance on track.
    • Innovation@Scale: We follow agile and hybrid approaches, embedding design thinking and labs with a culture of continuous feedback and improvement. This helps to align leadership, engage the transformation team, and accelerate design and delivery. We have the ability to rapidly scale globally as needed.
  • Prepare your people for transformation success

    To get the three key areas of a transformation right, you need to put humans at the center.

    Align and equip leadership

    • Ask yourselves: Why are we doing this and is it bold enough? Create a compelling vision to drive powerful emotional connections.
    • Do you know who’s in? Align leaders so they’re ready to commit.
    • How will you get there? Commit to resource with the right people, a solid business case and budgets.
    • Answer their unspoken question, “What’s in it for me?” Build and strengthen leadership capabilities, encourage grassroots influence.

    Build and maintain momentum

    • Get the right team in place, give them authority and invest in developing a high-performing team.
    • Put simple, explainable methods, processes and tools in a physical “home” space.
    • Encourage experimentation and adaptation – it’s okay to get some things wrong along the way.
    • Embed continuous learning and improvement into agile working.
    • Deliver in manageable increments and releases with transparent, visible progress that also addresses delivery risks.

    Create a social movement

    • Identify influencers and involve them in shaping the vision narrative, objectives and approach.
    • Seek and incorporate regular feedback from customers and employees to continuously improve.
    • Test and refresh hypotheses.
    • Put in place mechanisms to hear from all employees, not just the vocal ones, and use this to inform communications.
  • Measure and improve confidence over time

    To improve confidence, you need to measure it. We use a suite of different assessments tailored to measure the main dimensions:

    • Capabilities: Are the right structures, processes, tools and skills in place? What is the plan to mature and evolve them over time or for different needs?
    • Content: Does the roadmap address prioritized value-generating initiatives and human-centered experience journeys for employees, customers and the transformation team?
    • Culture: How consistently are leadership and the transformation team demonstrating the right behaviors to drive the desired culture?


Why EY

Your transformation success is built on our ability to effectively orchestrate multiple parties in an ecosystem, and rapidly activate and scale up globally while leveraging EY Transformation Platform’s technology and the six Humans@Center drivers.

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