EY wavespace™

We bring the right people together and give them the tools and mindset to think differently, deconstruct challenges and develop solutions – faster.

EY ranks top for Digital Transformation

EY has been recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Global Digital Business Transformation Accelerators, Q1 2019.


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The challenges we face today are unprecedented. Organizations must think differently and more creatively about how to prioritize and tackle challenges. EY wavespace has always focused on bringing people together, and giving them the mindset and tools to find new solutions at speed. 

In this environment we have seen how relevant our experience of running interactive virtual wavespace sessions is. We have used this experience to create an entirely virtual wavespace Experience, so that we can continue to support businesses to navigate unsettling times, respond to volatility and build enterprise resilience.

As a business using wavespace, you can convene the right people from across your organization and EY. Using our proven approach, methods, and technology collaboration tools we help your team to deconstruct challenges with a single-minded focus on reaching meaningful outcomes in a shorter time frame.

What is wavespace?

wavespace is about people and business outcomes.

Human-centred design and collaboration are at the heart of our methodologies because we believe that people support what they help create. We work with agility and beyond borders. And we think, design and build with creativity and speed.

We help you to design for your people, customers and stakeholders. So you can understand how to adopt technology with speed and drive innovation programs at scale.

We design immersive programs that bring the right people together, giving them the mindset and collaborative tools to think differently. These days we are doing this both virtually and in-person for clients around the world.

By inspiring human ingenuity, people are freed from the day-to-day and teams can reframe their toughest challenges and develop solutions – faster. 

wavespace way of working:

  • A relentless focus on meaningful outcomes
    Our single-minded focus on business outcomes means you develop solutions that work in the real world. 
  • Bringing technology, design and business together
    We bring the right people together whether it is in a room or virtually. We equip them with the mindset and tools to think differently. Our ecosystem of alliances, technology partners and breadth of services puts the right talent and tech “in the room”. 
  • Accelerated delivery and team alignment
    wavespace compresses months of stakeholder interactions and aligns leadership.
  • A global network
    We have a global network of people and physical spaces. Our wavespace centers work independently as well as part of the global network, offering maximum flexibility for clients.

    Virtual wavespace experiences

    Although operating from home our wavespace teams have the technology and assets to deliver wavespace Experiences virtually and get your business where it needs to be.

    We will virtually convene the right people from across your organization and EY and enable them to think differently. Using our proven approach, methods and technology collaboration tools – we help your business tackle issues, achieve meaningful results and develop solutions. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

    Each wavespace center is a center of excellence for one or more digital capabilities, such as IoT, AI, user experience, blockchain, data analytics or cybersecurity. We also have wavespace satellites, which focus on one particular competency or emerging technology.

    Our pop-up / mobile capabilities mean that we can also set up and run wavespace in a temporary space, or within your own organization.

      Our global network of wavespace centers

      We have a global network of wavespace centers that support you to explore and test ideas and products.

      Each wavespace center is made up of distinct environments - for design, tech demos, data labs / incubation and workshops – and has specialist teams and technologies that will help you to explore and test your ideas and products.

      • Design Studio

        Our design environments are open, creative spaces where we can help your team with service design, user experience (UX), user interfaces (UI), rapid prototyping and more.

      • Showcase

        Seeing is believing. In our showcase environments, we’ll immerse your team in emerging technologies — from virtual reality, to AI, to robotics and more.

      • Facilitated Workshop

        In our workshop environments, we run high-impact, facilitated events that will unleash your team’s imagination, and help you identify and address your toughest business issues.

      • Lab/Incubator

        In our labs and incubators, our researchers and scientists explore, cultivate and pilot new technologies that can help your team bring its best ideas to life.

      • Pop-up/Mobile

        If your team can’t come to our established wavespace locations, we will come to you. We can set up shop and get down to business in your offices, a conference center — just about anywhere.

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