Turnaround and restructuring strategy

Our teams are defining tailor made and creative solutions for very complex questions our clients are facing. We support them in defining their way forward and addressing their challenges. Does this sound interesting to you? Please read on!

    EY-Parthenon – Wachstumsstrategie – Team bespricht Aufstellung

    What we do

    As part of the world’s largest strategy consultancies, we challenge the status quo together with our clients and focus on their future. The Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy teams work on client-specific ways towards a successful future, what can imply defining restructuring concepts, Independent Business Reviews or Performance Improvement programs, to name a few potential assignments.

    EY-Parthenon – Unternehmenskultur – Architekt betrachtet Modell

    Our service portfolio is oriented along the typical company crisis stages: we offer solutions to companies that are facing liquidity or profitability crises, as well as to companies that are facing strategic challenges or further transformation needs. 

    However, we are not only active in shaping concepts and defining transformation plans – we also implement! Typically, we set up and run Performance Transformation Offices that accompany implementation of large-scale transformation programs.

    When working on our projects, we can tap the expertise of our sector hubs, as well as from our analytics teams. Also, we profit largely from the collaboration with our neighboring teams, «Strategy» and «Transaction Strategy and Execution» and we are embedded into the global EY-network, linking us to various experts, what sets us apart from our competitors.

    Our work is mainly characterized by creativity, willingness to act, diversity and a highly analytical mindset. When it comes to teaming and culture, we value mostly transparency and mutual support to assure that talents can grow in an exciting work environment.

    Get to know members of our Turnaround and Restructuring team

    Petra Brenner

    Associate Partner

    Petra leads the German financial restructuring practice at EY-Parthenon. The focus of her work is on advising various stakeholders, in particular shareholders, management and creditors, in times of crisis and insolvency. In such special situations, she shows our clients, among other things, strategic options for action and support them in implementing their goals.

    What did you do befor you joined EY-Parthenon?

    Prior to joining EY-Parthenon, I was a partner in the restructuring practice of an international law firm and a managing director in an investment banking boutique focusing on financial restructuring and distressed M&A. I also regularly serve as an advisory and supervisory board member as well as a trustee and CRO for our clients. 

    What makes the difference for you at EY-Parthenon?

    EY-Parthenon distinguishes itself from other consulting firms through a holistic, solution and implementation-oriented consulting approach. We look at the company and the situation as a whole and provide the client with a cross-functional team of experts who develop solutions efficiently and quickly and support the client in their implementation.

    What characterizes teamwork at EY-Parthenon? 

    We advise our customers in special situations - that's where fast action and efficient management of different interests are required. I am always impressed by the enthusiasm with which my colleagues take on new challenges, contribute their expertise to an interdisciplinary team and act in a solution-oriented manner. The in-depth know-how of my colleagues, their willingness to share this knowledge and learn from each other, and the friendly atmosphere characterize our collaboration in the area of turnaround and restructuring.

    How do you relax after work?

    I prefer to spend my free time with my family. I like hiking and skiing in the Alps and relaxing with yoga or Qi-Gong. I also love books and like to philosophize about God and the world with friends over a glass of red wine.

    Patrick von Alvensleben


    Patrick has been a Director in the TRS practice at EY-Parthenon for two years. Before joining EY-Parthenon, he advised companies primarily in the automotive sector on strategic and performance improvement issues. In his position as Head of Corporate Development at an automotive insurance company, Ihe also had the opportunity to accompany and shape transformation processes with operational responsibility. In his private and professional life, he is passionate about all topics related to automobiles and mobility.

    In which professional subject areas do you specialize?

    Currently, I mainly support companies in turnaround and performance improvement situations in the automotive sector. I support clients along the entire automotive value chain - from suppliers to vehicle manufacturers to aftersales partners. 

    What made you decide to join the Turnaround and Restructuring practice at EY-Parthenon?

    My work in the area of turnaround and restructuring allows me not only to think through concrete solutions for our clients' crisis situations together with the decision-makers, but also to implement them together. At TRS, one learns to view companies and their challenges holistically, but then to master the latter in detail and in close cooperation with the client.

    What experiences at EY-Parthenon do you remember most fondly?

    The challenges facing our clients can be very diverse, depending on the stage of the crisis: For example, we were able to secure the support of clients and investors during the turnaround of a client in an acute liquidity crisis by outlining and supporting a credible restructuring path.  

    We were able to accompany another client out of a strategic crisis and, by means of an implementation organization, ensure that the strategic goals were pursued sustainably and implemented with an impact on results.

    How would you describe the corporate culture lived by EY-Parthenon and what does that mean to me?

    Our work at EY-Parthenon is based on the combination of a performance-oriented corporate culture on the one hand and a very team-oriented and personal atmosphere on the other. As a large global team, we are able to provide our clients with 360-degree support - in my view, this is unique.

    For me as a Director, this means having the opportunity to look after clients on a long-term basis and to advise them on various challenges. At the same time, the exchange with colleagues allows me to constantly develop myself and my network. Of course, it is important to be actively involved in the community, to consciously use the breadth of the organization and, above all, to enjoy the exchange with a very diverse and global EY community.

    Stefanie Kunze


    I joined EY-Parthenon in 2020 after having previously worked in the Assurance service line in the Audit practice in our offices in Frankfurt and Zurich. I studied Business Administration and completed my ACCA exams in 2019. In my free time, I like to enjoy what Zurich and its surroundings has to offer – a lot of beautiful nature and space to explore in the mountains. 

    What do you like most about EY-Parthenon?

    I really like helping solve problems and questions for our clients I a very dynamic environment. I know that during times of crisis and change there is often insecurity about the way forward – but working with our clients on a step-by-step program to achieve positive results is the core of our business.

    What I like about EY-Parthenon is the variety of service we have to offer and the diversity of colleagues that comes with it. From strategic to operational topics we are able to combine various skills during one project. 

    Is it what you expected before joining EY-Parthenon?

    I knew that we were joining a great team – and this expectation absolutely got fulfilled. I enjoy the challenge that consulting brings – be it the finalization of a deliverable under time pressure or setting up a project and define the concept we apply. 

    What is your impression of the working atmosphere at EY-Parthenon?

    I would describe the atmosphere as fruitful and very respectful. My colleagues and I have time where we work hard together but we unwind together, too. Our team is currently growing and I enjoy onboarding new team members and introducing and integrating them into the team. 

    How do you see the international orientation of EY-Parthenon?

    I like that we connect and work together with our colleagues across the globe – be it for projects or Go-to-market initiatives. We try to learn from each other and share insights and knowledge to be able to offer our clients an international perspective. Soon we will also have an international event where the whole practice will  come together – I am really excited to meet more of our colleagues

    Céline Brand

    Consultant | Multi-sector | Joined 2021

    Before moving to EY-Parthenon, I worked for about 3.5 years for a leading Swiss bank, where I started my professional career. Before that I completed a bachelor in management at HEC Lausanne and a master at HSG St. Gallen with a focus on finance. Besides work, I like to spend time in the mountains and on my horse.

    What do you like most about EY-Parthenon?

    At EY-Parthenon we offer complete solutions to our clients. Within TRS, we especially help companies to become better or to get out of difficult situations. This is why I like EY-Parthenon, because through this, the purpose of my work is very meaningful and I like to think that I can help clients. Moreover, because we are assigned to a large variety of tasks, I can learn new topics every day. 

    What is your impression of the working atmosphere at EY-Parthenon?

    EY-Parthenon is made up of young and open-minded people who are always ready to help colleagues and who know how to be serious when necessary but also have a good sense of humor. What I particularly appreciate is that, even is some days are more difficult and longer than other ones, the team spirit is always there and I know I can count on my colleagues.

    What qualities do you need to bring as a "TRS consultant at the very highest level"?

    I think that many qualities are required for this work but, beside technical qualities, flexibility and stress resistance are, in my opinion, particularly important. Indeed, in order to deliver the best solutions to our clients, we have to be able to adapt in a fast way if the initial plans of the project are modified.

    Fabian Marbach


    I joined EY-Parthenon in 2021 after completing my Master’s degree in Business Management at the University of St.Gallen and gathering some years of experience in the insurance industry in various roles from sales back-office to project portfolio management. Besides work I like to wine & dine, spend time in the workshop or hitting the slopes.

    What do you like most about EY-Parthenon?

    In short, working with brilliant people on exciting challenges to help companies and therefore contributing to a better working world. I like to think that our work helps to turnaround companies in decline and thus positively impacts their stakeholders. What’s special with EY-Parthenon is that we can provide a holistic package to support our clients through all the specialists of our service lines. Hence, we are more fully engaged in helping our clients transform their business.

    Is it what you expected before joining EY-Parthenon?

    Absolutely! Just to be clear: I did not expect a repetitive 9-5 job but varied work that constantly challenges me. And indeed, this type of work provides amazing opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. When considering a position in consulting I think it’s important to know that there will we be times where a project demands more from you than other jobs might. However, until now I have always found ways to keep my work-life-balance.

    What is your impression of the working atmosphere at EY-Parthenon?

    Having joined EY-Parthenon in Covid-times has probably made it slightly more difficult to fully grasp the working atmosphere. Nevertheless, it’s easy to connect and all my interactions have been very friendly, respectful and supportive. I am looking forward to more personal events and get-togethers when possible.

    How do you see the international orientation of EY-Parthenon?

    Being part of a firm with more than 300k employees around the world makes it very easy to connect internationally. Due to our shared language Germany, Austria and Switzerland are closely connected but there are also many initiatives that go beyond. Hence, I think there are a lot of great programs/opportunities to go abroad!

    What we offer

    Diverse and challenging projects, starting on your day 1! AT EY-Parthenon, you are seen immediately as a full team member and will work on our client assignments. We encourage everybody to take responsibility, no matter the rank or position in the team.

    We foster individual career path within our teams, aligned to the needs and ambitions of our team members. Your career development will be accompanied by our mentoring program. From day 1 on, a mentor will be assigned to you with the task to support you along your career.

    Our training offer will further shape your career and is designed to prepare you to meet the skillset expected at the next rank. As well, at the beginning of your career, there is the possibility to visit our neighboring teams at EY-Parthenon for up to three months.

    Thanks to our global network, our consultants and manager get the possibility to participate in our mobility program, what means that they relocate for a given time span to an EY office abroad or carry out project work on an international level.

    Work-Life-Balance - or rather career focus? We think that this question is “passé”! Clearly, we set highest standards towards our work. But we also emphasize on the wellbeing of our team members. We support individual work-life-balance, for example by the possibility to compensate extra hours or a mobile working set up.

    Who is a good fit for us

    We are looking for smart minds, creative thinkers, and implementation pros. Your strategic and solution-oriented thinking, as well as your analytical skills and empathy are required on your daily work on challenging projects. If you are, on top of this, a team player, hungry to take over responsibility and feel comfortable in presentations and communication situations, also in tricky ones, you are a perfect match to play a role in making our projects successful! Moreover, German or French speaking skills are a must have for the Swiss TRS team, as we often implement locally at our clients.

    On our projects, you will be working together with all kinds of people at the client – from shopfloor to C-Level. Thereby, you will be given the chance to present our work results and opinions also in challenging situations clearly and authentically. This requires as well that our teams think ‘out of the box’ and are also prepared to tread new paths.

    If this sounds thrilling to you… Become part of our unique team!

    Your start at the Turnaround and Restructuring team

    During your studies, you have the opportunity to get to know our work for two to four months as a "probationary consultant". After successfully completing your Master's degree, you will join us as a consultant. If you have professional experience, you will be graded according to your experience and qualifications.

    Your start at the Turnaround and Restructuring team

    During your studies, you have the opportunity to get to know our work for two to four months as a "probationary consultant". After successfully completing your Master's degree, you will join us as a consultant. If you have professional experience, you will be graded according to your experience and qualifications.

    Overview of our career levels

    As a consultant, you take responsibility for your tasks and projects from the very start. You act proactively and always have the overall project goal in mind. Strong communication skills - both within the team and with clients - help you to achieve your project goals support our clients. Your profile is rounded off by a very structure way of working, high quality standards and very good analytical skills.

    As an experienced consultant, you support younger colleagues in their tasks and pass on your experience. At the same time, you ask critical questions to ensure that our clients' needs are met and that we constantly deliver high-quality results. You also enjoy getting involved internally at EY and thus get the chance to expand your network and enjoy exchange with your colleagues. Your professional expertise and your ability to inspire people, which you demonstrate on daily project work, will make a significant contribution to the success of the entire company.

    With your many years of experience, you know how to lead and motivate teams. You support younger colleagues with your expertise and help them to develop. Due to your ability to set prioritize, you ensure that deadlines are met and that our clients are satisfied with the results. As a direct contact person for our clients, you are happy to take on responsibility and also keep an eye on the further development of the project. In addition, you support internal initiatives and constantly expand your own network - in this way, you promote and ensure the development of long-term relationships from which you will benefit for a lifetime..

    As a senior manager, you lead the overall project and coordinate all workstreams, or you provide targeted support on individual topics on several projects at the same time. You hold regular meetings with our clients and ensure that the previously defined quality standards are met. You take responsibility for the success of the project and identify challenges to be met at an early stage. At the same time, you motivate your team, promote the "Highest Performing Teams" idea and support the introduction of new tools and methods. In addition to project work, you are committed to the further development of business development topics and are in regular exchange with colleagues in order to generate synergy potential - especially interdisciplinary - and to identify new project opportunities. 

    In addition to your task as overall project responsible, acquisition and business development are on your daily agenda. You act as a sparring partner for your project team and take part in key meetings with the management of our clients. You are responsible for the overall project success and always keep the big picture in mind, so that you can identify bottlenecks early on and counteract accordingly. In addition, you manage internal topics and advance the organization as a whole. Your contacts in the market help you to achieve your sales targets and to acquire new projects.

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