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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a vital component in all parts of businesses. EY offers an approach to adoption of AI which is human-centered, pragmatic and outcome-focused while ensuring low risk and ethical use of the technologies.

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Our suite of knowledge from strategy, management and design to data, system integration and risk services combined with our deep domain sector knowledge is all valuable to the delivery of services related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In order to realise value from AI it is important to understand both the technical implementation of the technology and the success criteria for the business context in which the technology gets applied. In EY we help our clients from both of these perspectives to transform their business in five non-discrete domains:


Derive useable insights from more data sources than ever by turning unstructured data formats into structured data through augmentation of human cognition at scale and use this in conjunction with structured data sources.

Application: Improve customer satisfaction measurements by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods to automatically extract the sentiment of comments and reviews left on social media rather than relying on potentially biased collected customer satisfaction data.


The core business case for AI is performance! Human cognition is challenged by tasks which require deep comprehension of e.g. knowledge, and those tasks that require recognition of subtle changes or patterns. AI systems are very effective in these situations, as long as they are trained with representative data about the task required. AI systems can learn from historical data and experiences as well as draw on data in real-time to learn from environmental changes must faster and improve outcomes of processes over time.

Application: Utilise historical data to extract vendor delivery data and apply AI to predict if vendor deliveries will influence customer product delivery.


Automate business processes and transform operations through cognitive automation which enables other automation/robotic technologies to interpret unstructured data formats and make cognitive business process decisions.

Application: Use computer vision to automatically verify picture content (e.g. ID documents or picture of specific objects) provided by customers in order to automate processes for example the KYC and on-boarding space.


By utilizing AI to sense and interpret human behaviours and reactions (through video, sound or text), systems will be able to better respond as users want and expect. This enables organisations to redefine how users interact with systems.

Application: Analyse the voice of people calling to a call center to evaluate satisfaction levels. Dissatisfied customers can then be routed to the best trained call center agents or be put through the queues quicker.


Design, build and monitor AI systems with a focus on ensuring trust, integrity and legal compliance to gain the maximum value from AI and eliminate risks.

Application: Eliminate risk factors in the use of AI for critical processes which could contain traces of unconscious bias within the data or, detect adversarial attack vulnerabilities within model hosting methods.

Our Consulting team is ready to help you fully realise business benefits from AI with a pragmatic approach.

First, we’ll demystify what AI is and help your team understand the value and risks in the use of the technology while pragmatically defining the capabilities needed for your organisation to adopt and scale AI. Then we’ll work with you to incorporate the technologies and governance structures necessary to transform and innovate your way to a better business which is competitive in the Transformative Age. – A unifying platform

Facilitated by an ecosystem spanning technology, business and academia, combines experience with our technology platforms to build confidence, create value and augment potential. 

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