ACCA Performance Management

Training course to the exam session in June 2024

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Objective of the training: To prepare for the exam, including being able to do tasks, present answers appropriately and to manage exam time

Who is the training for? ACCA students who are preparing to pass the exam in June 2024

What do we offer?


  • Study plan: what to learn, what tasks to do and when, to be ready on time
  • 8 live sessions – 24 academic hours – focusing on the most important and tricky issues of the topics and Q&A
  • 22 video lessons explaining key tasks and tests to understand the topics
  • Tutor’s support during the study
  • Mock exam check and explanation what areas need improvement
  • Kaplan study materials printed or online„



We know, how difficult it is to study when you work. So, we focus your attention on the key issues to learn.

We have analysed Examiner’s reports of the last three years, chose the tasks where the most mistakes were made, and made video lessons with similar tasks.


We have summarized all necessary lifehacks for exam preparation and passing.


We are sure, you will find this course helpful and enjoyable!

Study plan

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ACCA Performance Management

23 Mar, 30 Mar, 6 Apr, 13 Apr, 20 Apr, 27 Apr, 11 May, 25 May
- за місцевим часом


Ганна Григораш

Менеджер, тренер-консультант Академії бізнесу EY в Україні

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