Next generation security operations centre

EY Next generation security operations and response services along with a deep portfolio of consulting, recommendation and managed services, can help organisations build a transformation strategy and roadmap to implement the next generation of security operations.

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EY Ireland’s Managed Security Operation Centre

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What EY MSOC can do for you

  • Threat detection and response

    EY’s Threat Detection and Response (TDR) solution consists of people, process and technology operating to detect, respond and contain a cyber-attack before business assets are impacted. Our TDR solution enables clients to improve and accelerate deployment and maturation of their threat detection, threat response and threat hunting services, and provide an integrated interface with incident response capabilities. It helps clients detect and contain attacks from the time hackers successfully penetrate an enterprise.

  • Threat and vulnerability management

    EY’s Threat and Vulnerability Management service is a continuous and proactive process that assists organisations in safeguarding their computer systems, networks, and enterprise applications against cyber-attacks and data breaches. Our experts can assist you in developing or improving your current vulnerability management programme, as well as reducing your overall risk exposure by mitigating as many vulnerabilities as possible. We will design a continuous process that is in line with your organisation’s strategic goals and ensure it is kept up with new and emerging threats and dynamic environments.

  • Advanced incident response

    EY’s Advanced Incident Response service offers the ability to rapidly identify an attack, minimise the damage, contain the incident, remediate the cause, and finally reduce the risk of similar incidents. We have specialists that can design and implement an Incident Response programme, and a dedicated team of analysts that will provide support for all incident handling measures.

  • Cyber threat intelligence

    In order to prevent or limit the impact of a threat, you must be able to fully understand it. To make this possible, organisations need threat intelligence, data about your advisories, their capabilities, motives, tools, and methodologies. EY leverages the most up to date and relevant threat intelligence sources on the market today.

  • Dark web monitoring

    With more data breaches happening every day, it is likely your organisation’s information might be available on the dark web. Your employee’s information can be traded by hackers on the dark web either through sale on marketplaces or by openly appearing on free lists.

    Having compromised information available on the dark web can increase your risk of becoming a target of cyber-attacks. In addition to other defence strategies to protect yourself from malicious actors, the ability to find out what hackers have on you is a distinct advantage and can be used as a warning to take corrective measures and tighten up your technical security controls around sensitive data.

  • SOC advisory and maturity assessment services

    SOC advisory and maturity assessment services are professional consulting services that help organisations enhance their security posture by providing guidance and recommendations on establishing, operating, and managing a SOC.

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