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In wavespace, we curate talent and technology, bringing them together in a collaboration, proven to energise, and align teams to create meaningful outcomes — faster.

The challenges we face today are unprecedented. Organisations must think differently and more creatively about how to prioritise and tackle challenges. EY wavespace has always focused on bringing people together and giving them the mindset and tools to find new solutions at speed. 

In this environment, we have seen how relevant our experience of running interactive virtual wavespace sessions is. We have used this experience to create an entirely virtual wavespace experience so that we can continue to support businesses to navigate unsettling times, respond to volatility and build enterprise resilience.

As a business using wavespace, you can convene the right people from across your organisation and EY’s global network. Using the wavespace proven approach, methods, and technology collaboration tools we help your team to deconstruct challenges with a single-minded focus on reaching meaningful outcomes in a shorter time frame.

Virtual wavespace experiences

Although operating from home the wavespace teams have the technology and assets to provide wavespace Experiences virtually and get your business where it needs to be.

We will virtually convene the right people from across your organisation and EY’s local and global network and help them to think differently. Using the proven EY approach, methods and technology collaboration tools – we help your business tackle issues, achieve meaningful results and develop solutions. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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    What is wavespace?

    wavespace is about people and business outcomes.

    Human-centred design and collaboration are at the heart of our methodologies because we believe that people support what they help create. We work with agility and beyond borders. And we think, design and build with creativity and speed.

    We help you to design for your people, customers and stakeholders. So you can understand how to adopt technology with speed and drive innovation programs at scale.

    We design immersive programs that bring the right people together, giving them the mindset and collaborative tools to think differently. These days we are doing this both virtually and in-person for clients around the world.

    By inspiring human ingenuity, people are freed from the day-to-day and teams can reframe their toughest challenges and develop solutions – faster. 

    What to expect

    • A relentless focus on meaningful outcomes
    • A collaborative experience proven to unlock creativity
    • A blend of talent to break through to better answers
    • An innate understanding of emerging technology and it’s applications within your industry


    • A way to align your teams and accelerate change within your organisation
    • Creative problem solving and out of the box thinking
    • Global insights from our industry and technology leaders from across the world

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    Solve the now. Explore the next. Imagine the beyond.

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    Read our success stories here

    Electrical Utilities Company

    EY wavespace helped an Electrical Utilities Company kick start the creation of their digital transformation project by bringing together their senior management team in an immersive day of global energy industry insight and an exploration of new technology and future business models 

    Aerial view Shanghai Highway

    Public Transport Company

    EY wavespace was used to demonstrate the ‘Art of the Possible’ to a local public transport company when they wanted to explore how emerging technology could be applied to improve the quality of transport services available to the public and increase overall transport sustainability

    Gaming plc

    A gaming company was embarking on a major robotics process automation transformation journey and EY wavespace was key in helping them understand the key applications of the technology in similar organisations across the globe and the benefits they could achieve.

    Our global network of wavespace centres

    We have a connected global network of 22 wavespace flagships in some of the world’s most dynamic and innovative urban areas.