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EY-Parthenon Consultant Program recruiting at Wharton School of Business

Review the content below to learn more about our recruitment process on your campus.

Applications now closed

Check back at the start of the next recruiting season to apply for the EY-Parthenon Consultant Program.

Wharton School of Business recruiting

We are excited to have Wharton School of Business be a part of our campus recruiting efforts! We look forward to getting you all the information you need to better understand if a strategy consulting career at EY-Parthenon is the right fit for you!

If you are looking to learn more about EY-Parthenon, including an overview of our work, our culture and our programming, we encourage you to visit our EY-Parthenon careers page for the US by clicking here.

Below you can find more specific details on the application process, as well as some important information and FAQs.

Application process overview

Applications are currently closed for the EY-Parthenon Consultant Program generalist and specialized tracks (i.e., Software Strategy Group, Deal Technology). At the beginning of the next campus recruiting season, you will find the links to apply below. You will follow the steps necessary to complete the EY-Parthenon application form and upload your resume and official transcript.

Important FAQs: general EY-Parthenon Consultant Program

Important FAQs: specialized tracks in the EY-Parthenon Consultant Program