Meet the judges

The success of the program relies on the efforts of our independent panel of judges. These past Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award recipients and civic and community leaders devote significant effort to review and deliberate the merits of each nominee. We deeply appreciate their dedication to this process.

Larry Brinker Jr.

Larry Brinker, Jr., President
L.S. Brinker Company
2018 Regional award winner

Paul Glantz, Chairman
Emagine Entertainment
2011 Regional award winner

Jeanne Jeup

Jeanne Jeup, Co-founder
Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE) 
2018 Regional award winner

Matt O’Bryan

Matt O’Bryan, President and CEO
KLA Laboratories, Inc.
2018 Regional award winner

Brad Oleshansky

Brad Oleshansky, Chief Executive Officer
2012 and 2018 Regional award winner

Amy Peterson

Amy Peterson, Co-founder and CEO
Rebel Nell
2016 Regional award winner

Chris Rizik

Chris Rizik, Founder and CEO
Renaissance Venture
Capital Fund
2017 Regional award winner

Michelle Sourie Robinson

Michelle Sourie Robinson, President and CEO
Michigan Minority Supplier
Development Council

Kevin Stotts

Kevin Stotts
Talent 2025

Bob Verdun

Bob Verdun, President
Third Wave LLC
2014 Regional award winner