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Digital transformation is accelerating across the mining and metals sector and companies have an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on this momentum. Digital Mine helps miners put the right technology in the right place at the right time, overcoming margin pressures today and reshaping for a digital future tomorrow.

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Miners that move beyond the siloed deployment of digital innovation to embed data and technology across the whole value chain can reap huge productivity and margin improvements. Digital Mine offers an end-to-end solution which helps mining and metals companies realize the productivity benefits of digital transformation faster, with minimal risk and business disruption.

Digital Mine combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technological solutions to help organizations build a strategic, staged pathway to digital transformation:

  • Wave approach: The digital wave transformation approach builds momentum, change and value. It confirms that infrastructure and data are fit for purpose and builds from logical solutions, to issues, to real transformation across the value chain.
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  • Digital navigator: The EY Digital Navigator helps organizations develop a compelling digital vision that aligns with productivity goals and broader business ambitions. We then support companies to assess current digital maturity, identify capability gaps and set a roadmap to digital transformation that prioritizes actions that will add the most value.
  • Integrated operating center (IOC): An IOC is an intelligent, decision-making hub that enables miners to adapt operations with agility when conditions change. We help miners plan, set up and run IOCs to unlock greater productivity and performance benefits from digital.
  • Digital twin: Our digital twin solution creates a virtual replica of a mine, blending AI with mining knowledge to spot problems before they happen and identify opportunities to better balance asset productivity, cost and quality across the value chain.
  • Cybersecurity: We help mining and metals companies understand their current cybersecurity risk and develop strategic programs that enhance day-to-day resilience and build a proactive, pragmatic function fit for the future.
  • Digital tax: Our broad approach to digital tax transformation supports miners in meeting new expectations around data transparency and automated reporting, helping reduce risk while adding value and efficiency.
  • Future of work: The relationship between people, work and organizations is rapidly evolving in this digital age, and mining companies need to put people at the center of their plans and build the digital skills of the future.

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