Government and Public Sector financial management services

We are helping the federal government, state and local organizations, and nonprofit entities realize the NextWave of finance transformation and digital finance.

What EY can do for you

We build agile, comprehensive transformation frameworks designed to evolve the finance function from traditional status quo to a modern, digital function that impacts workplace, workforce and operations to achieve the organization’s mission objectives and desired outcomes. EY US Government & Public Sector finance team can help your federal, state or local organization with the following solutions:

  • Outcome-based budgeting

    • Business challenge: Traditional budgeting maintains status quo on spending and execution.
    • Business outcome: Processes are transformed to improve use of funds to drive greater organizational value and enable strategic mission outcomes.
  • Grants management optimization

    • Business challenge: The level of federal investment in grant programs is unprecedented, creating an opportunity to improve the way grant funding is administered and analyzed to drive decision-making.
    • Business outcome: EY US combines its enterprise-wide grants management solution with dedicated grants compliance specialists and finance professionals to help agencies elevate business performance and manage risk amid shrinking staff, outdated technology and a growing population of recipients.
  • Future of finance

    • Business challenge: Attracting and retaining talent, particularly given the shift in employee expectations and increased willingness to change jobs for greater flexibility, pay and career growth.
    • Business outcome: Transforming where and how we work, while reimagining the people experience.
  • Pensions

    • Business challenge: The pension, retirement and Social Security industry is at the crossroads of change. The increase in longevity, sophistication and awareness, combined with digital innovation, has generated a need for organizations to plan and transform for the future.
    • Business outcome: Transforming the biggest asset/liability to the biggest value. Learn more about EY US Pension, Retirement and Social Security here.
  • Intelligent finance automation

    • Business challenge: Resource constraints, legacy systems, manual processes, ever-evolving mandates and reporting requirements, and/or administration priorities are limiting your ability to maximize value for your key stakeholders (program executives, citizens, etc.).
    • Business outcome: Our diverse set of purpose-built digital finance solutions have derived quantitative impacts to many government clients. Some examples include:
      • Robotic process automation (RPA) automates manual, repetitive and inefficient processes, which may achieve estimated cost savings of 25%-45%*, typically resulting in a return on investment within one year*.
      • Business process modernization (BPM) modernizes outdated processes, which can increase productivity by 40%-50%* and enable projects to be executed 40%-60% faster*.
      • Blockchain-based solutions provide end-to-end financial and data transparency, resulting in real-time disbursement tracking and reporting, automated internal controls, faster processing times and reduced reconciliations.
      • Analytics centers of excellence help government agencies standardize analytic capabilities and reports, provide uniform analysis that improves information and decision quality, and boost resources that carry out data analytics for the agency.

    *These numbers are from specific client examples and results may differ

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