Macro Bites: Developing an effective energy transition strategy

March 6, 2024

The global energy sector is in a period of transition, with a shift to renewable energy, geopolitical uncertainty in oil-producing regions, and the balancing act between long-term investment and generating shareholder returns. In this episode, EY-Parthenon Chief Economist Gregory Daco and EY Americas Strategy and Transactions Energy & Resources Leader Stephanie Chesnick discuss the distinct economic challenges in the energy sector. They also examine effective strategies for business leaders to help drive growth amid this uncertainty.

Key takeaways

  • Energy companies face inflation in costs of capital, labor and equipment while also undergoing a long-term transition in the industry.
  • Companies need to maintain a strong balance sheet to have the agility to invest when opportunities arise.
  • Funding sources can include government funding, new partnerships and asset divestitures.

Host and featured guests

gregory daco

Gregory Daco
EY-Parthenon Chief Economist, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

Stephanie Chesnick

Stephanie Chesnick
EY Americas Strategy and Transactions Energy & Resources Leader

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