Ajay Khandelwal

Ajay Khandelwal

EY-Parthenon Managing Director, Software Strategy Group, Ernst & Young LLP

Thrilled to help organizations on their journey to acquire, improve and grow software and software-enabled businesses.

Ajay is an engineering major who brings more than 30 years of experience in products and technology companies. He has played diverse roles in the strategy and operations within startup and enterprise settings. He leverages his rich hands-on experience and deep operational knowledge to assess software products, capabilities, product-market fit, underlying architecture and tech stack.

Ajay's broad tech experience comprises data management, middleware, API, cloud, micro-services and mobile app ecosystem. 

Within the global EY organization he has been involved in more than 50 diligences and numerous value creation and strategy engagements for private equity and corporate clients.

Ajay holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Devi Ahilya University in India.

How Ajay is building a better working world

Ajay develops insights and works alongside organizations to enable them to make the right strategic decisions for their business from the investment process through post-acquisition. This helps them increase the value of these businesses, generating more opportunities for employers, customers and communities. He is passionate about working with EY teams to build a future generation of leaders within the software economy.

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