Any organization can capitalize on advanced mobility technology. The key to it is applying science-driven insights and embracing innovation.

Colleen Reiche

EY-Parthenon Senior Director, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

Passionate about combining science and collaboration to enable the future of aviation and mobility. Weather guru. Race car driver.

Dr. Colleen Reiche is a Senior Director at EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young LLP, where she manages the Aviation and Weather portfolio as part of the Quantitative Strategies and Solutions group, formerly the small consulting firm of Quantitative Scientific Solutions (QS-2). She focuses on combining qualitative and quantitative techniques to develop differentiated and customized services to provide her clients with meaningful and deep research and strategic insights.

Prior to joining EY-Parthenon with QS-2, Colleen led various technical aviation and weather projects, including market studies, weather product development and assessment, modeling and simulation, and statistical analysis while working at various federally funded research labs, small science consulting firms and large management consulting firms. She received her PhD and MS in Atmospheric Science from Purdue University and her BS in Astronomy and Astrophysics from Villanova University.

How Colleen is building a better working world

In her role, Colleen is helping her clients understand how to proactively adopt and embrace the future of mobility amid a constantly evolving technology landscape. As exponentially increasing volumes of data and information are generated and made available, companies need science-driven insights to maximize their market potential by using advanced mobility concepts such as drones, connected vehicles and flying cars.

She brings robust analytical approaches and deep domain knowledge to quantify key potential barriers and operational disrupters, such as weather, to create robust and customized services for her clients. She has a demonstrated ability to create, foster and grow dynamic and diverse teams to deliver innovative and thoughtful insights.

Colleen's latest thinking

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