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Helen Bentley

EY Global Digital Strategy, Innovation and Experience Leader; Partner, Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Driver of digital transformation and innovation. Creative and strategic thinker. Neurodiversity champion. Adventure sports and improvisational comedy enthusiast.

Helen Bentley is an EY Global Digital Strategy, Innovation and Experience Leader and a Consulting Partner at Ernst & Young LLP.

She also leads EY Seren in the UK and Ireland, a team of 250+ designers that innovates new business models, products and services to enhance CX and drive top line revenue growth.

Helen previously spent more than 10 years in Japan helping traditional companies innovate and shift their businesses from being product- to service-led with new digital offerings.

She is currently researching the role of generative AI in creating commercially viable hyper-personalized customer experiences. 

Helen has won multiple awards for her impact on business transformation and has led global marketing and communications transformation programs at a wide range of leading global companies, as well as supported the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Bid Committee. 

How Helen is building a better working world

Helen is building a better working world by leveraging digital technologies to boost marketing efficiency and profitability.

A champion of neurodiversity, she proactively addresses workplace barriers, encouraging inclusion and diversity. Her research into generative AI's role in enhancing customer experiences also spearheads business transformation on a global scale, enriching the reach and impact of organizations.

Helen's latest thinking

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