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Our Data Engineering team is dedicated to empowering our clients with the technology and framework to make intelligent decisions and drive sustainable business operations while maintaining competitiveness and reducing long-term cost and risk. Data Engineering is evolving and reshaping all industries and future business leaders will be required to embrace new capabilities to turn information into a competitive advantage. Well-implemented data systems provide the foundation for successful digital transformations and leveraging data-driven business decisions yields significant benefits, improving efficiency, savings and data protection while generating value through vital analysis, insights and action. 

What EY can do for you

EY Ireland Data Engineering Services brings a fusion of innovation and world-class data engineering expertise to help our clients unlock the business value of data. We partner with our clients to build their data engineering capabilities, and to establish quality data platforms and systems that mature our clients’ delivery level, enable better decision-making, and facilitate the creation of value from their data. Through this partnership EY supports the development of strategies and operating models for enterprise data to deliver savings, reduce risk and provide better user experiences.

EY's range of services span over all aspects of the data life cycle to gain game-changing data-driven business insight and intelligence capabilities. We provide strategic advisory and deliver end-to-end data-centric scalable solutions across a range of emerging and established technologies. By applying a technology and vendor-agnostic approach, we can tailor the right solutions for each client based on their specific needs. Our experts apply best practices and tried and trusted governance and management frameworks to develop analytics and visualisation solutions that deliver rapid insight, empowering our customer to make faster and more informed decisions.

We are specialists in ‘Enterprise Grade’, large scale data solutions, from end-to-end, on-premise and in the cloud. Our on-call and fully managed services and support offerings allow our clients to focus on generating value from data, while we look after the rest. EY has strong experience locally in Ireland working with clients in Utilities, Life Sciences, Government and Transport, helping our clients unlock data value and achieve operational excellence. Through strong leadership and domain experts we have successfully delivered some of the largest transformation projects with leading Irish and Global organisations.

Core Client Service Offerings:

  • Advisory Consulting Services

    • Data Strategy
    • Data Maturity Assessment
    • Governance and operating models
    • Solution Planning
    • Education and Training
    • Culture and Engagement
    • Tool, Technology & Architecture Recommendations
  • Solution Delivery Services

    • Designing and implementing data systems
    • Improving data quality
    • Improving data system performance
    • Merging data from disparate source systems
    • Migrating data systems to the cloud
    • Migrating data between old and new systems
    • Master data management
    • Data catalogue
    • Tuning and optimisation
  • Reporting and Analytics Services

    • Management Information Systems
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Report and dashboard development
    • Automation of routine business reporting
    • Finance and regulatory reporting
    • Governance and auditability
  • Cloud Services

    • Migration planning
    • Migration implementation
    • Cost review
    • Managed service and support
    • Big data analytics
  • Data Support Services

    EY Ireland offers a full range of Data Support Services to clients that enable them to get control of and derive value from their data assets. Utilising leading practice standards and frameworks across Data, Analytics and Service Operations, EY have been delivering support to numerous clients since 2019. Our services include; 

    • DataOps: ranging from database administration, integration, provisioning and migration, data quality, master data management, data assurance, governance and security.  
    • Insight as a Service: supporting the delivery of high quality and timely insight through the development and support to data platforms and engineering to enable functional and industry specific insight solutions and services.   
    • Data Innovation: we provide innovation and monetisation services to help our clients identify and exploit new value from their data assets through rapid prototyping and experimentation leverage EY’s assets and frameworks to accelerate value.   

    EY’s Data Support Hour-Bank is a modern and flexible form of maintaining and supporting Data services. Our clients purchase a bank of hours that can be used to support their business when required by leveraging a full range of Data and Analytical skills for a single competitive rate per hour.

  • Data Managed Services

    • Data modernisation
    • Data life-cycle management
    • Data quality and transformation
    • Data governance
    • Data migration
    • Master data management 

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