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EY provides the full scope of testing services while helping organisations transform their approach to digital assurance and quality engineering. We embed quality into Agile and DevOps models improving speed of delivery and improved reliability. In addition, we provide technical testing services including test automation, mobile device testing, performance testing, and our proven QA Engineering delivery methods and tools ensure efficient and tailored testing approaches to our clients.

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What EY can do for you

Our market research has identified that companies are focused on enhancing customer experience by ensuring quality software delivery enabled by top-class software testing. Digital Assurance & Quality Engineering has proven to be a function in constant evolution; it is embedded across the entire development lifecycle and shifting from a business support function to an active lever to change business models.

We provide the full scope of testing services including functional and system testing, integration testing, regression testing, and user acceptance testing.

We help our clients embed quality into Agile and DevOps models resulting in faster time to market, ensuring flexibility and adaptability and improved efficiencies driven by automation and continuous testing.  

We provide technical testing services such as test automation, performance testing, API (Application Programming Interface) and microservices testing, mobile device testing, performance, data, and ETL (extract, transform and load) testing which enables our clients to embed quality across the whole SDLC (Software development Life Cycle).

We help organisations transform their approach to digital assurance and testing resulting in quality releases at a faster pace to market, reducing production issues and supporting business growth.

Our proven Digital Assurance and Engineering methods and tools deliver efficient and tailored testing approaches to our clients.

Core Client Service Offerings:

  • Functional design and testing

    • Requirements-based testing
    • Integration testing 
    • System testing
    • Regression testing
    • Acceptance testing 
    • Test Design Optimisation
    • Managed services
  • Test innovation and transformation

    • Agile Testing Transformation
    • Agile and DevTestOps
  • Technical and NFT testing

    • API and microservices testing
  • QA and testing process

    • Define test strategies
    • Shifting testing left and right
    • Review organisation test policies and strategies
    • Transform DA&QE approaches to enable scalable DevTestOps releases
  • Test management services

    • Consultancy services  
    • Design and implement transformation roadmaps enabling test growth and maturity
    • Test maturity assessments 
  • Data transformation

    We help organisations embed high quality approaches to ETL (extract, transform and load) and Data testing by providing:

    • Pre-migration Testing
    • Data reconciliation
    • Data extraction
    • Data conversion testing

EY DA&QE Tools & Accelerators

  • EY Next Gen Testing Platform (NGTP)

    NGTP is a powerful yet simple platform for automated software testing. It has been built on years of accumulated testing experience across industry sectors and its design enables our clients to start automating immediately. NGTP enables automated testing for multiple technologies and its intuitive user interface makes automation easy

  • EY ePerformer

    Automates test lab setup & configurations and test executions from ePerformer Web Interface, within secure Infra provided by stakeholders 

  • EY eRaptor

    An automation accelerator that will help in inducting automation of data comparison across multiple source systems and generate insightful reports

  • EY Testing Insights Platform (TIP)

    EY’s cloud platform for ready-made reporting and insights for software testing

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