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Intelligent Automation (IA) combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA), digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to automate and optimise end-to-end processes, resulting in significantly lower costs, improved performance, human productivity and business agility.

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Intelligent Automation Managed Services

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What EY Intelligent Automation can do for you

Intelligent automation brings a wide range of benefits through leveraging technologies across the enterprise. As your organisation transforms, it can unlock real value through the combination of emerging technologies to provide business impact through convergence. EY are one of the leading automation service and software providers globally, leveraging our network to identify strategies and opportunities such as tailored operating models and centres of excellence to deliver and support intelligent automation across organisations — facilitating savings, reducing risk and providing better user experiences. Our automation practice provides strategic advisory, full stack implementation and managed services, across a range of emerging and established technologies.

Rather than looking at how individual technologies can be applied within an organisation, our IA approach reimagines how processes across the front, middle and back offices can be transformed to meet new digital customer expectations. By combining techniques and technologies to re-engineer and automate processes, we can achieve speed and efficiency while reducing errors and risk across all business processes. We support organisations at all stages in their automation journey, from implementing RPA focusing on repetitive tasks to the incorporation of machine learning techniques to generate deeper insights, faster, and in ways that augment human cognition and build trust.

EY has strong experience locally in Ireland working with clients in Utilities, Life Sciences, Government and Transport, helping our clients realise value through optimising their value chain and saving FTE time. We have also supported the creation of Automation factories and Centres of Excellence within our clients, enabling them to deliver automation at speed while maintaining the appropriate levels of governance and security.

Core client service offerings: 

  • IA strategy & opportunity

    • Opportunity identification
    • Value assessment
    • Strategy creation
  • IA operating model

    • Operating model design and creation
    • Model optimisation
    • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Automation delivery and support

    • Automation development
    • Automation testing and deployment
    • Automation optimisation and maintenance
  • Infrastructure implementation

    • Current state assessment
    • Infrastructure design
    • Infrastructure implementation and optimisation
    • Infrastructure scaling
  • Intelligent automation managed services

    EY Ireland offers a comprehensive range of Intelligent Automation offerings to support our clients. At EY Ireland, we recognise the significance of streamlining business processes to achieve operational excellence. That's why we provide a comprehensive suite of managed services within our three delivery phases: Discover, Build, and Operate. 

    • Discover Phase: We offer Process Mining, Process Re-Engineering, Method Adoption Workshops, and Business Process Management Solutions. With our diverse range of capabilities, we can assist you in fully unlocking the latent automation potential within your business processes. 
    • Build Phase: In this phase, we offer support for building Robotic Process Automation Deliveries, Conversational AI, Generative AI Chatbots, Intelligent Document Processing, Cognitive Automation, and Platform as a Service. This means we deliver end-to-end Intelligent Automation solutions to automate repetitive rule-based tasks, while also leveraging the power of AI to facilitate complex decision-making within processes. 
    • Operate Phase: Our Intelligent Automation team at EY Ireland provides comprehensive IA Solutions. Our team of experts collaborates with you to offer 24/7 Monitoring Services, Troubleshooting, Risk Mitigation, Infrastructure Design & Maintenance support, Hypercare, and License Management.

    As a Platinum partner of Blue Prism and UI Path, we bring unparalleled expertise and credibility to our Intelligent Automation services. With over a decade of experience, having served more than 500 global customers and 10+ local Irish customers, we have a proven track record of successfully delivering automation solutions.

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