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Our technology solutions, combined with the bench strength of our mutual fund tax professionals, translates to cutting -edge mutual fund tax services. From the preparation of taxable income through tax reporting, our services are customized to fit your business needs.

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Connectivity and rapid delivery through tax technology

With regulated investment companies (RICs) facing multiple disruptions from technological and regulatory fronts, and mutual fund tax processes becoming more dynamic and challenging, advanced technology-based transformative tax services are gaining market attention and are transforming the way traditional tax functions are carried out. Innovation, artificial intelligence and process automation are helping companies achieve business excellence while augmenting processes and increasing return on investment.

At EY US, we are at the crux of digital innovation and we have evolved our tax technology practice to build innovative platforms and solutions to deliver leading-edge mutual fund tax services — from data capture through tax reporting — thus creating an automated end-to-end technology enablement solution for modern tax requirements. Tax-specific technological advances have made it possible today for companies to evolve at a faster pace and lead the way for total enterprise transformation.

Our technology solutions, combined with the bench strength of our mutual fund tax professionals, translates to industry-leading mutual fund tax services. From the preparation of taxable income through tax reporting, our services are customized to fit the business needs of our clients. In addition to providing core tax services, our technology platform allows for customized reporting and analytics that enable clients to manage funds in a more efficient way.

EY Interact℠ is our single platform for delivering leading-edge tax compliance, and it lets you work with EY as one unified team. The portal offers real-time access to project status, including work product and task details, access to documents and collaboration capabilities.

EY Interact is a fundamental component of a digital tax strategy.

Following is a summary of EY Interact benefits:

  • Real-time data access and visibility into project status
  • Improved project management and ability to monitor reports, analytics, and detailed insights of your ongoing projects
  • Portal available 24/7 as a  resource for tax-related content, tax alerts, and thought leadership
  • Streamlined client communications via its integrated online portal

Tax technology tools

➜  Global Withholding Tax Reporter (GWTR)
Discover your one-stop information source for withholding tax rates and rules around the globe

➜  Rapid Security Analyzer (RSA)
Simplify capital gains, dividends and interest withholding complexities globally through the use of an automated tool

➜  Corporate Actions Tax Analyzer (CATA)
Proactively identify and review publicly available, complex corporate actions and understand their tax implications

➜  Rapid Reclaim Analyzer (RRA)
Discover opportunities to reclaim undue withholding tax

➜  Automated PFIC Mark-Market (MTM) Service
Streamline the preparation of MTM calculations in a timely and efficient way

➜  Per Se Analyzer
Quickly and accurately identify the per se status of publicly traded foreign and US holdings

Leading with innovation while carrying forward the legacy

While we are forerunning innovative tax technology solutions, we still provide customized tax services that are tailored to address the specific needs of fund complexes of all sizes. We offer a complete range of tax services, including, but not limited to, calculation of year-end taxable income and related financial statement tax footnotes, excise tax distributions, tax return preparation, interim tax qualification testing review, assistance with the year-end shareholder tax reporting, analytics and reporting and assistance with ASC 740 documentation.

Tax operations:  integration of tax, finance and regulatory compliance

Our teams have worked with several large fund complexes managing data and integrating tax, regulatory reporting and compliance. This skill set has helped fund complexes.


  • Reduced risk: Better controls and transparency that drive greater quality, and decrease exceptions and compliance failures
  • Adaptability: Sustainable and scalable capability, which is more easily adapted to future change and creates efficiencies in tax processes
  • Review of the tax operating model for appropriate characteristics around headcount, technology, etc.
  • Tax services

    Automatic data management network (ADMN)

    A strategic engine that automates the delivery of end-to-end data for clients. Robust analytics are generated from a streamlined data aggregation process from multiple sources, including third parties and administrators.

    Securities Analysis Module (SAM)

    Industry-leading technology solution that automates the tax analysis of portfolio trading activity and provides an audit -ready, integrated tax report. In addition, SAM allows for customized data analytics and reporting to assist clients with operational and business issues.

    The RIC module

    Offering the best of EY people, process and technology, the RIC module enables our clients to gain access to a network of professionals and tools that provide both flexibility and customization for tax service needs, including comprehensive work papers for audit purposes.

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