Smart Health Experience

The time is now for a new patient experience that is digitally connected, consumer-centric and focused on wellness.

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Patient engagement tools, virtual care, smart homes and AI-powered analytics can give people the tools to manage their health, lifestyle choices and chronic conditions in more impactful ways.

The bottom line is health care organizations need an enterprise-wide perspective that includes people on all sides of the care delivery equation to enable the best, most efficient care, at the right place and at the right time.

How will advances in technology put the
patient at the center of healthcare?

Learn about how health organizations can design patient journeys that connect people to the right care, at the right time and place.

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Health Transformation

Health transformation enables health providers and payers to achieve value by optimizing their operations, business models and infrastructure.

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US Health Policy Implications

Washington Council EY insiders with on-the-ground knowledge deliver Health and Life Sciences sector-specific insights. 

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