How data can help redesign the health experience

In this episode of the EY Health Sciences and Wellness Experience Podcast, Pamela Spence discusses the importance of data and how it can help redesign the health experience.

The role of big data in health care and wellness is a field that’s ripe for innovation, with many intriguing questions.

Who will you partner with to access the data you need but don’t – and don’t want to – own? What kinds of data are most important for different business models? How can we work with patients and stakeholders to make sure that what we develop is actually what they need? How is big pharma dealing with issues of patient confidentiality and transparency in the new collaborative environment? How do you decide what data you want to look at? How do you surface the data that’s collected so it’s intuitive, user-friendly and can best serve consumers? How can you apply the easy search functionality we use every day to health data? Where can you find the big training sets of data you need to test algorithms? How can data sets enable third-party providers to have more information available throughout the life cycle of a product rather than just around an adverse effect? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

In this wide-ranging discussion, the expert panel approach these issues from their different perspectives. Whether you’re a doctor or researcher, a programmer or a CIO, whether you work in the field or you’re just looking in from outside, you’ll find this an insightful and timely listen. 

Key takeaways :

  1. Data ownership is less important than access to data.
  2. The volume of data you have is less important than how you process it, use it and how applicable it is to the task at hand.
  3. There’s an important role for big tech in “surfacing” data so that it becomes more intuitive.
  4. Increasingly, academic institutions and cooperative groups are reaching out to big pharma to help leverage data for better patient outcomes.
  5. Because adoption is such a major issue in this space, much of the work is as much about social science as it is about technology.

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available.

Jackie Hunter

Board Director of Benevolent AI and Chair of the Brainomix Board and the Stevenage Bioscience Park

Ridwaan Jhetam

VP Global Medical for Haematology, BMS


Episode 04


16m 52s