Photographic portrait of Alok Bhargava
In the age of artificial intelligence, data is the bedrock upon which organizations construct their innovative solutions, set themselves apart from rivals and propel transformative change.

Alok Bhargava

Principal, EY Americas Insurance Data & Analytics Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

Transforming businesses by harnessing the power of data and analytics. Helping insurers innovate and thrive.

Alok is the EY Americas Insurance Data & Analytics Leader. An accomplished executive and strategic thought leader, Alok has more than 24 years of experience helping business transform and establishing data and analytics capabilities across various industry verticals. His experience spans Fortune 500 companies in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, UK and North America.

Alok leads a team that assists clients from strategy development to the implementation of the next-generation cloud data and analytics platform and AI/ML solutions that empower insurers with a competitive edge. 

He offers valuable guidance to insurers, helping them transform their operations and strategies with cutting-edge data and analytics capabilities. He focuses on enhancing their claims, underwriting, product, distribution and marketing capabilities, enabling them to stand out in the market.

How Alok is building a better working world

I’m building a better working world by helping insurers transform their organizations by leveraging the power of data and analytics. In harmonious accord, data and analytics light the way to well-informed decisions, transformative insights and limitless possibilities. Together, they are shaping the future of the insurance industry by enabling progress, innovation and efficiency.

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