Photographic portrait of Anand Ganapathy
Reimagining business digitally requires conviction, perseverance and a team with grit.

Anand Ganapathy

EY-Parthenon Americas Digital Business Building Leader

Digital business builder, digital technologist, M&A specialist, P&L architect and F1 enthusiast.

Anand’s focus as the EY-Parthenon Americas Digital Business Building Leader is to enable his clients to extract value from organic and inorganic digital investments. Anand’s work centers around solving complex and large business issues by supporting clients through the idea to impact journey.

Throughout his career, Anand has advised Fortune 50 corporate and private equity clients in the manufacturing, retail, life sciences, health care and consumer products sectors. His experience spans across digital strategy and transactions.

How Anand is building a better working world

Anand is building a better working world by inspiring and mentoring people to build the highest-performing teams to take on complex digital business challenges. In his work, Anand is helping many companies leverage significant investments in data by developing needle-moving approaches to extract business value. Through this lens, he is helping clients across the journey of digital business building, from breakthrough idea generation, to delivering impact at scale.

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