Technology changes everything, but it doesn’t solve everything. To create material new businesses it’s imperative to leverage every asset at our disposal.

Chris Stutzman

EY-Parthenon, Venture Building, Ernst & Young LLP

Business builder. Investor. Optimist.

Chris is a Senior Venture Builder on the EY-Parthenon Venture Building team, our end-to-end business building practice. Chris has an extensive and proven track record of creating breakthrough new products, services and businesses for the world’s greatest companies and startups.

He has built and launched more than 15 corporate-backed and private equity-backed ventures across multiple industries, geographies and business models. He has also helped 20 startups raise Series A funding.

His wide range of early-stage business building and innovation experience spans various industries, including consumer, health care, industrial, mobility and private equity.

Chris is a subject-matter resource in business model innovation, early-stage venturing, going to market and growth strategy. He is also a coauthor of Connected by Design, a book about digital age business model strategy.

How Chris is building a better working world

Chris strives to build a better working world in ways both small and large. Big picture, he is driven by working with clients to build the capability and conviction to create important new businesses that they didn’t think were possible. In the day-to-day, he strives to bring his whole self to work, while encouraging the same from his teams and clients to build a more meaningful and resilient working culture.

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