Photographic portrait of Domenico Serranò

Domenico Serranò

EY EMEIA Financial Services Business Tax Advisory Associate Partner, Studio Legale Tributario

A Tax Associate Partner in the Italian Financial Services Studio Legale Tributario. Worked with the Italian tax desk in New York. A Masters in Tax Law degree holder.

Areas of focus Finance Tax
Office Milano, IT

Domenico currently leads tax services on US Qualified Intermediary regime, FATCA and CRS in Italy, Studio Legale Tributario and aids global banking groups, asset management and insurance companies on related matters, including the DAC6-MDR provisions.

He also provides assistance on international tax matters, including acquisitions, leverage optimizations, CFC rules, merger and de-merger transactions, tax consolidation, cash pooling issues and Italian withholding tax refund claims.

How Domenico is building a better working world

Domenico supports diversity and inclusion through integrity, respect and teaming. He steadily promotes a transparent communication within the team and with clients, which enhances trust and loyalty in both services and day-to-day relationships. In the past Domenico was a civil worker and he currently backs charitable organizations for strengthening inclusions.

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