Photographic portrait of Gökhan Gümüşlü
By working hand-in-hand with critical issues on our customers' agenda, we focus on obtaining fast, comprehensive and effective results.

Gökhan Gümüşlü

EY CESA Business Consulting Leader

Interested in gastronomy. Sports lover. Married with two children.

Gökhan has more than 20 years of experience through projects with major regional players in the financial services industry with additional experience in retail, consumer products and telecommunications sectors.

He has worked directly with executive teams and employees across all functions and levels for leading financial institutions in Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Gökhan aspires to achieve bottom-line impact by enhancing customer relations, improving competitive positioning, and increasing productivity through several dozen projects.

These engagements have primarily involved the establishment and support implementation of customer, distribution and marketing strategies as well as the design of mechanisms for strategic performance management, customer experience management, operational excellence, process re-engineering, and technological and organizational alignment to enable and facilitate the execution of company strategies.

Gökhan graduated from Koç University, Faculty of economics administrative and social sciences, Management department.

How Gökhan is building a better working world

“Companies are putting many issues on their agenda to increase their market shares, to expand abroad and to help execute these processes at proper cost. Accordingly, examples of application support in change management, critical functions undertaken by consulting service providers and even business partnerships are increasing. 
In projects, we realize by using technology and data effectively, we provide detailed services including post-implementation support, and obtain measurable results. EY teams help ensure that companies that receive consultancy services within the scope of our projects, gain new customers, organize campaigns with higher success rates, perform their processes with lower costs, help manage risks effectively and reduce purchasing costs.”

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