For organizations to change the world, it isn’t enough to simply keep pace. Technically informed, data-driven strategies are needed to enable them to be the originators and drivers of innovation.

Thomas Dr. Armel

EY-Parthenon Principal, Quantitative Strategies and Solutions, Ernst & Young LLP

Dedicated to translating technical experience and analytical approaches into real-work solutions for clients. Devoted husband. Proud father. Weekend warrior.

Thomas is a founding partner of the Quantitative Strategies and Solutions (QS2) practice at EY-Parthenon. He is a consulting executive experienced in advising clients across sectors on leveraging emerging technologies and advanced data-driven approaches to develop and execute impactful solutions to their most complex challenges.

Thomas has over 20 years of experience spanning from advanced biotechnologies, biomanufacturing, medical devices, diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics, to cutting-edge defense and national intelligence applications.

Thomas previously served as the president and director of technology at a technology consulting and analytics firm, where he provided strategic leadership across all company operations and led the Biotechnology and National Intelligence practices.

Thomas has served as a Research Fellow in Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School; holds a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with a graduate certificate in Biophysics from the University of Colorado at Boulder; and holds a BA in Chemistry-Biology from Whitman College.

How Thomas is building a better working world

“I believe that complicated problems require innovative ideas and fresh strategies, which can be enabled and enhanced by a wide range of new technology. By combining strong technical and analytics approaches, I work to provide comprehensive and creative solutions to help organizations leverage emerging technologies to transform business and society.”

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