Private equity value creation services

Value creation is at the core of every transaction investment thesis. Our team supports private equity firms throughout the investment lifecycle from origination to exit. We bring deep sector, operational and functional experience to identify investment risks and opportunities focused on cash and profit levers to make an investment successful.

What EY private equity value creation services can do for you

Our team combines commercial and operational experience with deep sector experience across the firm. We build trust by supporting private equity deal teams, operating partners and portfolio company management to help achieve full transaction potential.

Our collaborative mindset and expansive regional and cultural insights help us work hand in hand with management to align and execute with speed without sacrificing the size of the prize.

Our tailored deal approach, steeped in business functions across industries, incorporates strategies for building revenue and growth, driving cost and operational excellence, deploying capital and navigating the increasingly complex global tax landscape.

To help enable value that is sustainable, we draw on global teams in environmental, social and governance (ESG); talent; supply chain; technology; and more.

Our differentiated, technology-driven services can be transformative in private equity value creation. Our Quantitative Scientific Solutions (QS-2) business brings science, engineering and advanced analytics consulting capabilities to emerging technology investments, and our alliance partners help develop customized solutions in complex ecosystems. Hands-on advanced manufacturing and engineering experiences, including the EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub and the Digital Operations Hub @MxD, help you see the future.

Our portfolio company value creation and transformation offerings are underpinned by key levers and enablers listed below that are designed to drive company profitability.

Value creation levers

Value creation enablers

  • Technology

    Leverage data, digital and technology platforms to accelerate transformation:

    • Digital and tech transformation and secure enterprise
    • Digital and technology solutions delivered
    • Data and analytics optimization

    Learn more: Digital strategy | EY - US

  • Talent

    Manage, motivate and retain talent while controlling costs through lean structures to sustain changes:

    • Organization and workforce design
    • Workforce experience and change management
    • Purpose, culture and leadership

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  • ESG

    Enable purpose-led sustainability strategies to address risks while creating value:

    • Environmental impact assessment
    • Social equity performance improvement
    • Governance structure and compliance

    Learn more: Sustainability in business | Insights & trends | EY - US

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