Corporate venture capital (CVC) consulting

EY-Parthenon corporate venture capital (CVC) consulting helps companies evaluate investing in startups, design and build an investing strategy, establish a CVC structure and measure CVC performance against industry benchmarks.

What EY can do for you

Corporate venture capital investment is increasing dramatically as companies accelerate their digital strategies through startups, technology and innovation. Companies are using CVC to drive growth in new markets, stay current on emerging trends and technologies, vault over traditional R&D to discover new business models and augment the M&A due diligence strategy.

EY-Parthenon CVC consulting can help companies determine how and where to invest, and how to balance risk, opportunity and the demands of investment oversight.

We can also help businesses shape early relationships with startups and refine their approach to growth with a perspective on finance, accounting, tax, products, sales, supply chain, technology, legal and talent.

EY-Parthenon CVC consulting can help companies with:

ey cvc service process

Our latest thinking

How corporate venture capital investing differs from traditional VC

Corporate venture capital is an option for companies to add new capabilities and jump-start innovation, but executives need to utilize VC best practices.

Why now may be the time to start a corporate venture fund

CVC can be an integral part of the corporate toolbox to fill capability gaps and explore new technologies.

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