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What is GBS?

Global Business Services (GBS) is the evolution of Shared Services focused on process efficiency improvement and costs reduction.

GBS can serve as a transformation engine for the business on its way to become a strategic business partner driving growth through innovation, digitization and agility.

This is how EY sees the future of GBS: a highly effective, bespoke combination of automation, innovation, efficiency and technology, all tied together with human connections and insight, driving unique streams of value for the organization.

EY Czech Republic Global Business Services

Why do companies leverage shared services and Global Business Services?

There are plenty of reasons why companies choose to leverage GBS centres.

  1. Need for greater agility
  2. Global expansion
  3. Pressure on costs and margin, and a need to enhance competitiveness
  4. Multinational companies with widespread regional or global footprint 
  5. Optimization of SG&A costs
  6. Benchmark comparison shows only weak or medium performance of business support processes
  7. Need for process harmonization / standardization of business support process
  8. A company needs to respond to the demographic change in the business support
  9. A company wants to implement robotic solutions in its existing shared service centres




What can we do for you?

GBS transformation is an endless journey. From relentlessly looking for cost optimization to expanding the scope of services (geographical coverage, onboarding new services, moving from transactional to value-added operations) and adapting to new contexts, you will constantly be challenged and asked to think outside the box.

At EY, we help clients on their evolution path to transform their business model from siloed functional units driven by cost optimization into an agile global business services organization focused on creating customer-centric, digitized end to end process flows across functions and geographies.

We are here to guide you on your transformation journey from solving the Now and driving new efficiencies, through exploring the Next and identifying new business and talent models, opportunities to increase agility and create a culture of innovation in a digitized environment, all the way to imagining the Beyond - becoming a mature business services organization playing a strategic business role in a global context.

Establishing your GBS Operations is an exciting and a resource consuming exercise. Ensuring you deliver high quality services to your internal client is essential to building credibility amongst your stakeholders and employees. As your operations gain in maturity, so do evolve your needs. We have you covered here too!

We will help you with:
  • Project and Program Management
  • Process and Cost Optimization
  • Optimal Organizational Design
  • Optimal ERP set up and utilization (SAP only)
  • Access new technology such as Process Mining technology, Capacity Management, Robotic Process Automation

Our Solutions: a quick glance at our Technology Enablers

Benchmarking and data analytics

GBS Feasibility in a Day App

GBS strategy app gives our clients the opportunity to create a tailored value case in just a few clicks and simultaneously strengthen the understanding of the current GBS trends and digital optimization levers across functions.

GBS Maturity Assessment App

GBS Maturity Assessment App is helping clients to determine their position in the GBS lifecycle and identify potential gaps between clients’ organization and market leading practices.

SAP Maturity Assessment Tool

SAP Maturity Assessment tool is a multi-level assessment tool enabling to identify strengths and weaknesses of the system infrastructure in reference to leading-edge trends on the GBS market.

Digital enablers

Intelligent Process Discovery (IPD)

IPD creates visibility into business operations and processes and identifies capacity improvement opportunities. IPD combines capacity monitoring, process mining and automation and optimisation potential identification in one tool. IPD uses machine learning to identify processes and variations.

Rapid Automation Assessment Tool

EY has developed the tool for initial process automation potential assessment allowing the Clients to assess automation potential in the company, prioritize automation opportunities and develop a initial automation business case.

SAP S/4HANA Intelligent Move Platform

EY has in cooperation with SAP and UiPath developed an Intelligent Move Platform, which is a unique solution and suite of tools enabling an agile approach to new SAP S/4HANA migration utilizing intelligent automation wherever possible.

EY Czech Republic Global Business Services

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