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What EY can do for you

We do not practice Law where prohibited by local laws

Pangea3 Legal Managed Services became part of EY on 1 June 2019.

EY legal services address today’s issues and help shape the future with customized and agile strategies that span across the entire legal function. From legal advisory (where permitted) and operations to managed services, we provide the informed services the legal department needs to better enable the business and drive additional value.  With the recent acquisition of Thomson Reuters Pangea3 Legal Managed Services, EY is further broadening our ability to help corporate legal departments around the world looking for ways to transform their practice and deliver meaningful value to the business.  

How EY can help

Businesses today face the dual challenge of increased costs and regulations. With pressure to do more with less, legal departments are seeking new ways to modernize the legal function to deliver meaningful value to the organization.  Increasingly, legal functions tell us they want to operate more efficiently and transparently and have insight into the data, analytics and intelligence associated with legal matters.  This enables them to become a more integrated, strategic partner aligned to the business. It can be difficult for legal departments to determine how to begin this process, where to focus, what resources can be leveraged and what success looks like. This is where EY helps.

At EY, we believe the answers lie in connectivity, creating an ecosystem that is shaped for the future.  We leverage our existing cross-function relationships and global, multidisciplinary approach to connect the right people in the right places with technology-driven workflow, weaving the legal function into the entire business process.  With multidisciplinary teams helping EY clients address business challenges beyond the legal function, we provide services for today while customizing strategies for the future.

Using data to make better and quicker decisions

Effectively managing data can lead to better and quicker decisions.  Imagine if:             

  • All the instructions coming into the legal department are complete, actionable and routed to the appropriate individual, team or third party
  • You can see all matters that are being managed by the GCO, internally or externally, and the status and risk of each
  • You could offload high-volume repetitive and standardized legal work tasks
  • Work that can be self-served by the business is self-served with templates and clauses controlled by the legal and risk functions with full audit capability
  • You know the value of all procurement and sales contracts being worked by business, product, category, geography or supplier and customer
  • You know the litigation exposure and the sources of the issues
  • You know which leases, customer contracts and supplier engagements are approaching renewal
  • You can see the trend data for all legal activity, assisting the evolution of a streamlined and effective legal services operating model

Legal Managed Services

EY Legal Managed Services (LMS) does not practice Law where prohibited by local laws.  Working under the direction of clients’ counsel, EY teams provide technology-enabled support including automation for high-volume repetitive or event-driven legal work.  LMS offerings are provided in close collaboration with professionals from across our various service lines and practices, including Forensic & Integrity Services. EY LMS operations help the client allocate the right people to the right work with a goal of cost-efficiency and effectiveness.  Legal managed services teams from EY are positioned to take on single projects or full functions under direction of clients’ counsel.  We help deliver continuity and quality by maintaining a deep bench of permanent, highly-trained professionals with experience working on an array of issues within a variety of industries.  Our teams also work with clients on ways to increase efficiency by helping identify and leverage the latest technology, refined processes and a “follow-the-sun” approach to respond to clients’ global needs.  Services include (where permitted):

  • Contract lifecycle management

    We support two key business and legal issues:

    1. What contracts do we have, where are they, what is in them and do we need to remediate them (legacy review)?
    2. How do we turn contracting and obligation management into a business differentiator, including reducing the time to contract?

    EY professionals have the experience needed to leverage leading practice technologies and leading practice workflows that address the need for faster time-to-contract and greater governance, risk management and control. EY professionals provide detailed contract review, facilitate conclusion of agreements and assemble documents as well as utilize the latest technology for secure and transparent reporting, automated document classification and clause capturing and effective obligation management that is supported by timely alerts and reminders. Executive dashboards and customized reporting help EY clients track contract compliance and performance, gain insight into potential risks, identify potential revenue leakage and measure key performance indicators.

    We do not practice Law where prohibited by local laws

  • Entity compliance and governance services

    Many organizations face the challenging task of confirming that the legal entities are meeting the relevant corporate secretarial compliance and reporting obligations which are subject to constant changes and updates and differ by country and jurisdiction. Many multinational organizations believe that maintaining and relying on in-house teams in each country of operation for local compliance knowledge is neither practical nor efficient. This is where EY Legal Managed Services can help. Learn more about our entity compliance and governance services.

    We do not practice Law where prohibited by local laws

  • Research and regulatory mapping

    Even the most diligent organization faces challenges staying ahead of constant legal and regulatory changes and scrutiny. We help connect the multitude of rapidly changing regulations and obligations to clients’ compliance and business functions so that key information becomes part of the overall compliance workflow. We also help identify gaps in internal policies and help establish a compliance infrastructure to address business, operational and reputational risks associated with non-compliance.

    We do not practice Law where prohibited by local laws

  • Discovery services

    New regulations, disparate technologies and overloaded data volumes, along with litigation and regulatory events, are causing significant pressure on legal departments to demonstrate greater efficiencies and value in optimizing eDiscovery services. Organizations are seeking end-to-end discovery solutions to help manage legal and compliance risks and manage costs. From pre-litigation information management to post-matter data disposition, EY teams’ qualifications, experience and scale enable us to offer support services across the entire discovery life cycle. EY discovery, information governance and forensic professionals can help answer the “who, what, where, when and how” questions and help legal departments meet discovery and compliance needs with a focus on cost.

    We do not practice Law where prohibited by local laws

  • Managed review and functional analysis

    We help clients address the burden of voluminous document review during litigation and investigations and gain greater control over costs and insights into key data impacting cases and the business. By leveraging legal, technical and business process talent in high-quality, cost-efficient centers of excellence, EY teams help clients address legal risks and provide continuity, cost certainty and scale. After review, we also help surface key information that can be leveraged going forward. Whether it’s finding specific facts or creating chronologies, our team helps gather needed information. We then bring the process full circle by leveraging what has been learned to help implement business changes to help address future risk.

    We do not practice Law where prohibited by local laws

  • Investigations

    When facing acts of fraud, government investigations, regulatory inquiries, major litigation or transactional disputes, clients turn to EY for timely and experienced assistance. EY forensic accountants and technologists, many of whom are certified fraud examiners, anti-corruption professionals, anti-money laundering professionals and other credentialed professionals, work with clients’ legal counsel, internal audit teams and compliance departments to help investigate and evaluate issues and develop practical approaches that address operational challenges.

    We do not practice Law where prohibited by local laws

  • Technology-enabled operations and project management

    EY teams are skilled at helping identify and leverage the most appropriate technology for the work at hand.  EY uses award-winning, leading-class operations technology based on smart systems and data that merges quality, risk management and dashboard tool

    Our operations model helps organizations manage legal matters coming into the legal department through a leading-practice submission process. Work that requires legal support is sent to the most appropriate teams, depending on the need.  This helps organizations manage all stages efficiently and effectively, from the beginning of the legal engagement to closing, including document creation.

    Adding advanced technology to technical strengths and oversight, our digital project management office provides visibility into ongoing work and supports early risk detection and transparency through detailed live dashboards.  In addition, we help deliver flexibility and scalability through an operating model that extends to any legal work type and additional jurisdictions.

    We do not practice Law where prohibited by local laws

We do not practice Law where prohibited by local laws

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