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Organisations are required to be flexible to meet the challenges facing their business. To support business growth, IT must deliver high-quality engineering and systems integration solutions when required and to a defined technical architecture. EY Systems Engineering teams are poised to support complex application development and integrations, allowing our clients to overcome complex technical challenges.

EY Ireland's Systems Engineering Managed Services

Systems Engineering Managed Services

The EY Systems Engineering team provide a full range of Application Managed Services to support our clients with running and operation of their custom built software applications and mobile apps, encompassing front end, middle tier, integration, database, and cloud technologies, in an optimised and cost effective way.


What EY can do for you?

Application modernisation, Large retail bank

Our client is embarking on a digital workplace programme (DWP) to improve and modernise users’ workplace technology experience, while also addressing some known challenges with the bank’s end user computing (EUC) infrastructure estate. The DWP involves the delivery of a new desktop platform and has been established to replace the current platform.

Platform customisation, Investment bank

We have helped customise a new digital platform, providing users the ability to create a profile by entering basic personal information, and the tool will match you to either the conservative investor, balanced investor, or experienced investor profile.

Platform customisation, Health sector

We architected, designed, developed and supported a national register platform for the health sector. The platform provides a 360 degree view of the client. It integrates with multiple external health care providers, including laboratories, clinics and government agencies.

Organisational transformation, VoIP UCaaS provider

Our team spearheaded the organisational transformation to enable a transition from a start-up way of working to an enterprise, carrier-grade leading organisation. A key area of our approach is an adoption of a product-focused delivery pipeline, underpinned by leveraging DevSecOps design and delivery. In addition, the implementation of strategic architecture to provide a technology roadmap, enabled the organisation to align with the enterprise vision.

Application Managed Service, large Wholesaler

We provide a full range of Application Managed Services to support our client with running and operating their custom-built software applications and mobile apps, encompassing front end, middle tier, integration, database, and cloud technologies, in an optimised and cost-effective way.

Core Client Service Offerings:

  • Implementation service

    • Custom application development
    • Mobile application development 
    • Enterprise Integration implementations 
    • Application Modernisation 
  • Advisory consulting services

    • Technology roadmap and architecture definition
    • Business case realisation
    • Service integration and adoption
    • Managed service evaluation
    • Cloud implementation and advice
    • Technology review and future proofing
    • Enterprise intelligence strategic advice
    • Application and data security
  • Technical architecture services

    • Technical architecture design
    • Cloud migration
    • Microservice design
    • Platform design service
    • Integration Assessments 
    • Software installation and environment reconciliations 
    • Performance review, testing and optimisation
    • DevSecOps solutions
  • Application managed service

    • Application Support 
    • Application Site Reliability Engineering
    • Application Managed Service
    • Enterprise Integration Managed Services
    • HourBank
    • Application Take On & Management (ATOM)

Systems Engineering Solutions

  • EY Ireland Systems Engineering Release Management Framework
  • Technology Maturity Assessment Framework
  • 5 Stage Enterprise Integration Delivery Framework

SE Tools and Accelerators

  • EY Cloud Migration Factory (CMF)

    EY Cloud Migration Factory (CMF) is a secured multi-Cloud migration platform which accelerates entire Cloud migration life cycle from discovery, disposition, planning, migration and post migration.

  • Workflow Engine

    Workflow engine is a highly scalable obfuscator that enables a mechanism to create WF steps, modules and its execution. Each step and module can execute a set of functionalities based on the system design. This can be easily integrated with any kind of approvals, validations, transformation processes

  • Release Management & DevOps Strategy

    A clear and detailed approach for the implementation of a DevOps technology transformation processes based on the industry standards and capability models. EY can perform a full maturity assessment leveraging our industry proven methodologies.

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