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The EY-Parthenon strategy consulting teams help leaders in education anticipate the future and develop strategies that create, preserve, and recover value for long-term success.

What the EY-Parthenon education strategy consulting team can do for you

The EY-Parthenon education consulting strategists are helping clients negotiate a sea change occurring across the education sector: new technologies and the global pandemic are influencing how and where students are taught; globalisation is driving the need for new and different skill sets; shifting demographics are compelling new collaboration initiatives. A sustainable world is the new imperative making quality education for all a major priority.  

EY-Parthenon strategy consulting professionals, with broad experience and deep knowledge across the sector, are helping education leaders overcome these new challenges with bespoke, all-encompassing growth strategy plans and implementation support. EY-Parthenon strategy consulting professionals find solutions to specific issues using our toolkit of primary and secondary research, stakeholder engagement, and quantitative analysis. 

We have dedicated consultants in all the following five segments of the education sector:    

  • Government and foundations growth strategy

    The Covid-19 pandemic quickly revealed huge inequities in our educational system and pointed to specific societal needs that now can no longer be ignored. The educational sector is now evolving short and long-term strategies to reform the system. Known as a leading strategy organisation in this space, EY-Parthenon helps institutions develop an overall growth strategy with 1) detailed execution plans to combat these issues; and 2) hands-on support to facilitate success.

  • Pre-K-12 systems and schools

    EY-Parthenon teams offer primary and secondary education institutions superior end-to-end consulting services from market needs assessment and strategic planning to student or school performance analytics, financial advisory, operational improvement, and organisational redesign. Our clients include education delivery providers across all levels, school networks, and government agencies as well as leading foundations, non-profits, intermediaries, and private institutions. We support specific needs related to portfolio development, growth strategies, defining purpose and long-term planning. 

  • Higher education institutions

    EY-Parthenon teams help higher education institutions transform and thrive in ways that are both practical and sustainable. Some of the many services we provide include identifying opportunities for differentiation, optimising the education delivery and service model, developing efficient and sustainable organisational structures and managing transformative processes through partnerships or collaborations. The EY-Parthenon goal is to bring analysis and insight to higher education leaders to empower them to achieve the full potential of their institution.

  • Content service providers and technology

    EY-Parthenon teams help organisations carefully determine their unique growth path. Consulting teams provide knowledge and support throughout a process that might include organic or inorganic growth such as acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, or even divestments. Whatever the growth path, we offer practical, hands-on help during the transition process to help ease the transformation.

  • Global investors

    EY-Parthenon clients include venture capital, private equity, and corporations. The education teams identify new education investment opportunities to help produce both short and long-term value in current investments. From the pre-contract stage through the eventual integration (or separation due to divestiture), EY-Parthenon education strategy consulting teams both help guide decision-making and provide execution assistance throughout.

In short, EY-Parthenon’s leading experience can help bring both short and long-term value to your organisation. EY-Parthenon teams are dedicated to helping turn today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

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