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EY advises clients on financial, procurement, strategic and public-private partnership issues for large-scale infrastructure projects, providing support from project evaluation to procurement, financial close, construction and operations, and by helping governments strategically manage capital and transactions, asset sales, and divestments. We also advise on a broad range of ESG and sustainability services and solutions.

What EY infrastructure advisory teams can do for you

We assist in devising and comparing financial plans and delivery approaches for projects that involve public or private financing, project revenues and grants — and provide support to clients in their implementation of those plans.

EY infrastructure consulting team’s capabilities include:

  • Smart mobility and cities – support local and regional governments to achieve mobility in cities with an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation solutions
  • Infrastructure strategic planning and policy, including sustainable initiatives such as strategies for decarbonization and green infrastructure projects
  • Infrastructure procurement and transaction advice including focusing on ESG goals throughout the transaction
  • Infrastructure delivery and program management
  • Strategic capital management and transactions, including green infrastructure and ESG finance, improving liquidity and credit availability, cash management or underperformance
  • Exit – government asset sales and divestments
  • Technology and information and communication technology (ICT) strategy and process improvements, including digital solutions that promote sustainable and responsible infrastructure development

EY infrastructure consulting team’s sector experience and collaborative approach help to deliver innovative services that meet the challenges of today’s infrastructure projects:

  • Delivering a robust business case
  • Managing portfolio and capital allocations more efficiently
  • Defining and delivering a successful project
  • Identifying and managing risk
  • Managing stakeholder agendas and engagement

Our government and capital agenda service focus on managing capital and transactions:

  • Preserving: solidifying credit rating; building a stronger profit and loss (P&L); preserving existing assets; and minimizing costs, turnaround plans, restructuring services, decision-making and analytics modeling
  • Optimizing: asset operational efficiency, optimizing asset portfolios, project evaluation and selection, optimizing organizational structure, and institutional frameworks
  • Investing: feasibility studies and business plan assessment, planning and structuring transactions, and cost-efficiency structures
  • Raising: asset divestment, fund-raising for infrastructure projects, and private financing

For governmental clients considering new systems, major expansions, significant renewal work and PPP initiatives, our team of infrastructure consultants are happy to assist in the development of long-term investment plans, as well as programs and policy frameworks.

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