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Trust, transparency and objectivity are the hallmarks of the EY audit. The EY data-first approach is transforming the way our auditors engage with management, boards and private businesses.

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A commitment to high-quality auditing is the foundation for everything we do.

Above all else, we serve the public interest by executing high-quality audits with independence, objectivity and professional skepticism.

Our audit portfolio

EY has the leading market share among auditors of companies

Integrity and independence

Our EY values, supported by our Digital Global Audit Methodology and processes, guide EY teams in executing high-quality audits. We leverage data and our global technology platform to enhance our risk assessments and to execute our audit procedures.

The result is an independent audit opinion that builds trust and confidence in financial reporting while also delivering an objective perspective on a company’s finances and operations that is grounded in data and a deep understanding of the organization.

The EY audit approach

Learn how our approach puts data at the center of everything: engaging our exceptional talent, delivering value and building trust.


Expanded Assurance

Increasingly, audit committee members and other board directors are tasked with oversight for nonfinancial matters on relevant boardroom topics, such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) and cybersecurity risk. Their scope of responsibility can extend to nonfinancial reporting or IT controls as the organization goes through major technology transformations.

We can assist companies with a range of permissible services focused on assurance, assessment, compliance, reporting and more. These cover critical topics, such as:

  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

    Investors, regulators and — more broadly — society are increasingly seeking greater transparency around nonfinancial performance, including ESG matters. In response, businesses are broadening the scope of their reporting and seeking new ways of communicating nonfinancial performance. We can assist clients with ESG reporting, risk assessment, and data analysis and collection.

    Photographic portrait of Jeanna Doherty

    Jeanna Doherty
    Americas Assurance ESG Enablement Leader


  • Cybersecurity

    As audit committees and board directors take on increased governance responsibilities for cybersecurity, EY teams can help identify the ways in which cybersecurity risk can impact audit processes, including financial reporting, processes and controls. A cyber incident can have a major impact on a brand, customer loyalty and economic performance.

    Photographic portrait of Jaime Kahan

    Jaime (Kahan) Kipnes
    Americas Cybersecurity Integration Leader


  • Pre-implementation IT assessments

    As clients continue to invest in technology, it is essential to fully understand IT process risks and to proactively identify potential internal control gaps prior to a system go-live, providing greater trust and confidence in the new system. This is where an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

    Photographic portrait of Werner Erasmus

    Werner Erasmus
    Americas Technology Risk Leader


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  • Insurance and Federal Claims Services

    Insurance is the financial vehicle allowing clients to restore their businesses and recover what was lost following catastrophic events. EY Insurance & Federal Claims Services (IFCS) professionals regularly work with brokers, adjusters and other third parties during the claims preparation process. We speak both the financial language of our clients and the insurance language of their insurance companies, facilitating efficient resolutions.

    Photographic portrait of Bradley Nichols

    Bradley (BJ) Nichols
    Americas Assurance, Insurance and Federal Claims Services Leader


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  • Fraud and compliance program assessments

    The pandemic elevated the risk of fraud in part because individuals may have been more motivated to act improperly. In these circumstances, they may feel greater personal pressure or be presented with more opportunities to act unethically and find it easier to rationalize their actions. In addition, in response to evolving expectations of shareholders and other stakeholders, audit committees’ roles increasingly have expanded to include oversight of nonfinancial risks, such as ethics and culture, and breakdown in corporate governance.

    Photographic portrait of Carol Winig

    Carol Palmer Winig
    Americas Assurance Fraud and Compliance Program Solutions Leader


    We offer three relevant fraud services in the US:

    A document authenticity assessment tests the integrity of key documents, as well as demonstrates professional skepticism and responsiveness to changes in the working environment.

    The EY Journal Entry Fraud Risk Analyzer (JEFRA) provides comfort to clients that have business units and subsidiaries in multiple geographies and complex structures, allowing the audit committee to implement independent testing on devolved finance functions.

    A whistle-blower program maturity assessment assists an organization to improve its existing whistle-blowing policy and procedures or to comply with applicable whistle-blowing legislation.

  • Business tax compliance

    Government legislation (e.g., CARES Act) has created an unprecedented level of new IRS and state reporting requirements resulting in increased reporting burdens on our clients. Through our collective focus on innovation with data, process and enabling technologies, we can help address our clients’ compliance efficiently. We deliver tax compliance services using a proven methodology that has been developed and used by EY teams around the globe for more than a decade.

    Photographic portrait of Christina Bowers

    Christina Bowers
    Americas Business Tax Compliance Leader


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To the Point - SEC adopts disclosure requirements for cybersecurity incidents and risk management and governance

The rules are intended to enhance and standardize registrants’ disclosures
related to cybersecurity risk management, strategy and governance.

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