What's your strategy to outbake the competition?

Discover customer-centric and data-driven marketing strategies from EY to help your company anticipate and deliver to target customers.

Reframe your recipe for growth

The global pandemic has given every organization a new mandate around the customer journey and rapid acceleration of digital transformation. You need the right growth strategy mixed with the right customer experience to create the perfect recipe for what's now, next and beyond.

Find more ways to connect with customers fast

Anticipate and deliver what customers need through frictionless, data-driven experiences.

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Ingredients for reimagining and redesigning your growth strategy:

  1. Establish a future-back vision around customer-centric growth.
  2. Enable your business to optimize customer lifetime value focus.
  3. Invest in the most valuable customers and customer touchpoints including considerations on organic growth, M&A, geographic expansion and segmentation.

Improve your digital experience with solutions that are high-tech and high-touch

Reimagine and optimize your offering strategy and portfolio to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

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Directions for optimizing your offering strategy:

  1. Understand that the retail landscape has changed: empowered to shop wherever and however they want, customer preferences around the world are increasingly evolving toward products and services that are local, authentic, transparent, traceable, and ethical.
  2. Adapt your brand to continuously re-imagine and optimize your offering strategy and portfolio.
  3. Develop and implement new business models and concepts, both in the current core functions or in peripheral functions to meet the evolving needs of consumers now, next and beyond.

Technology leaders’ agenda

To strategically transform, leaders need to deliver tech at speed, innovate at scale and put humans at the center.

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Manage inventory and boost your sales — and save a ton of dough

Translate insights into business actions that yield smart customer journeys, increased acquisition, retention, and growth.

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Yield smart customer journeys:

  1. Implement customer experience (CX) measurement models and understand customer engagement with novel methods that complement traditional ones such as net promoter scores (NPS) and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).
  2. Use “design thinking”, automated orchestration of customer journeys, and personalization to deliver the best and most relevant experiences that are closely connected to customer needs.
  3. Design and implement customer-centric operating models and CX technology stacks using scaled, agile frameworks and methods.
  4. Shift the business model and customer experience to digital and direct to consumer (eCommerce).

Marketing and growth leaders’ agenda

Anticipate and deliver what customers need through frictionless, data-driven experiences.

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Stir up new business.

Get the right growth strategy and customer experience.

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Case study: how digital transformation helped benefit fans and the bottom line

With help from EY, the professional sports franchise was able to turn big data into even bigger value.

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