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Tightening monetary policy, economic headwinds, geopolitical risk and increased market volatility are providing both challenges and opportunities to capital markets firms that require strategy, operating model, and infrastructure change. The slate of capital markets Regulation and prudential trading book capital changes on the horizon as well as increasing regulatory expectations for enhanced risk management and reinvigorated enforcement actions further impact the upcoming books of work for capital markets firms.

Our Capital Markets teams offer a wide range of services that are tailored to how our clients are organized across business, risk, regulatory and technology areas.

Our approach aligns to supporting capital markets stakeholders – markets division CEO/COOs, financial resource management teams, front office quantitative strategists, first line of defense risk and compliance teams, post-trade operations, and technology and data teams — in growing their businesses, managing costs, and meeting risk management and regulatory requirements.

Our teams deliver approaches that consider the business agenda and the optimal technology enablement to meet client needs. In addition, we have a growing suite of pre-built solutions targeted to capital markets pain points to accelerate our clients’ execution.

We continue to establish and maintain strong relationships with capital markets trade associations and vendors that continuously inform, train and improve our capabilities.

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