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EY Law provides detailed guidance to help you navigate the complex legal environment of the global economy.

Serving you across borders, the sector-focused, multidisciplinary approach means EY Law offers integrated, comprehensive and pertinent advice you can trust.

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Legal Advisory Services (LAS)

How we can help

As the scope of financial regulation widens, EY Law’s integrated, cross-disciplinary, multi-sectorial approach is designed to steer financial services companies through the regulatory maze. Strong compliance not only protects your business from regulatory risk, but also positions you to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Our experienced regulatory lawyers provide focused, insightful and expert legal advice to help you successfully deal with these challenges.

EY Law provides advice to national and international banks, securities dealers, insurers, asset managers, financial services companies, and pension institutions on a broad range of transactions, product development, regulation, and structural issues.

EY Law teams also advise regulatory authorities, supranational bodies, governments, and government agencies. The team works actively with market organizations to develop documentation, policy and leading practice.

EY Law advises on all legal and regulatory, risk management, enforcement, and compliance issues across multiple jurisdictions.

Financial institution focus:

  • Setup, restructuring and refinancing
  • Winding down business operations
  • Communication and negotiation with local regulatory bodies
  • Legal, regulatory and compliance due diligence
  • Project financing and structured financing of national and international credit transactions

Legal Advisory Services


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Legal Advisory Services


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Legal Managed Services (LMS)

Businesses today require cost-efficient and scalable resources to assist with high-volume, cross-border, routine, or event-driven legal projects. In-house legal functions continue to integrate more with other corporate functions in driving data analytics, predictability and risk management. With innovative and technology-driven ways of service delivery, LMS empowers process innovation and frees up in-house resources to focus on more important business priorities.

Legal Operations, including LMS, supports legal departments by using technology to power process and innovation. Our services, which leverage standardized processes, triage, reduction of time spent, quality control, and data analytics, can help significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your in-house legal function and the quality of results.

By combining seasoned legal advice from an integrated global network of local attorneys with Legal Operations, we help you facilitate your transformation journey to a digitalized business world.

  • Entity compliance and governance

    We assist multinational companies in meeting their legal entity obligations efficiently and cost effectively on a global scale. Service is facilitated by professionals in more than 150 countries. Sample services include:

    • Corporate secretarial health check and advisory projects
    • Routine compliance activities
    • Annual compliance activities
  • Contract life cycle management

    We leverage technology and refined processes to turn contracting and obligation management into a business differentiator, including reducing the time to contract. Sample services include:

    • Contract strategy, creation and execution
    • Contract storage and retrieval
    • Obligation and risk monitoring and management
  • Research and regulatory mapping

    We help your organization identify legal and regulatory changes while identifying and meeting your legal and regulatory obligations and minimizing business, operational and reputational risks associated with noncompliance.

  • Document review and functional analysis

    We reduce the unnecessary burden of voluminous document review and gain greater control over changes to your costs and insights into key data impacting your business. After review, the team surfaces key information. We help to identify key learnings and implement business changes to mitigate future risk.

Law services across the globe

Legal managed services


LMS global delivery centers across Europe, India and the US

Legal managed services


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Legal managed services


follow-the-sun LMS delivery model

  • Quality legal advice in a fast-moving world

    In today’s increasingly global, interconnected environment, conducting business domestically and internationally is becoming more complex. Our lawyers understand the complex tax, regulatory and commercial laws of this global economy and can provide holistic guidance regarding strategic business decisions as well as offer support services that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of routine legal activities.

  • Global and multidisciplinary

    We offer a different approach by providing legal services in a way that helps reduce the gap between business advisors and legal counsel.

    EY lawyers work in an integrated manner with professionals from other parts of our businesses − including assurance, consulting, strategy, tax, and transactions − to provide the informed services that your business needs.

  • Diverse teams

    Law teams include multidisciplinary lawyers with long-standing experience in banking, regulatory bodies, insurance companies, corporate services providers, tax, and real estate. EY practitioners work with a broad range of financial institutions.

  • Sector focused

    We are driven to provide client-centric services, guided by a deep sector focus (including Financial Services) and knowledge across the world. We offer a broad array of legal services, uniting legal professionals from different backgrounds and geographies under a common purpose of exceptional client service with a global mindset.

  • Innovative and technology driven

    Businesses today face the dual challenge of increasing costs and regulations. Many of our clients require cost-efficient and scalable resources to assist with high-volume, cross-border, routine or event-driven legal projects.

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EY global network


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