EY Reconnect returnship program

A 12-week return-to-work program

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What is EY Reconnect’s returnship program?

The EY Reconnect returnship program is a paid, 12-week program currently offered in the NY metro area for people who have had an extended break from the world of work and would like to reconnect with their career. If you have experience in corporate finance or transaction advisory, we would love to meet you.

During the returnship, you will refresh your existing skills and receive specialized learning and development, executive coaching, and mentorship from our client services teams in our Strategy and Transactions practice. And you won’t do it alone. As part of a peer group of fellow returners, we’ll make sure you have access to networks and the support you need to feel empowered to re-enter the workforce with confidence.

EY Reconnect is a great opportunity to refresh your previous experience within the industry and discover the skills you’ve developed during your break – because we believe it’s not only your technical experience that adds value. Upon successful completion of the program, there will be an opportunity to apply for full-time employment.

We invite you to apply to one of the following opportunities:

What will I do within the Strategy and Transactions organization?

Focusing on transaction diligence, corporate finance, or valuation and business modeling/analytics, you’ll advise companies and private equity firms on some of the biggest and most complex cross-border deals and strategic, corporate finance decisioning in the global market. Learn more about our Strategy and Transactions (SaT) service line.

How will you benefit?

  • Industry leading training and career opportunities — Through exposure to specialized learning, a diverse range of clients, projects and industries you’ll enjoy the challenge and range of opportunities that will enable you to further develop your knowledge and skills. 
  • Purpose-driven, tangible outcomes — You’ll work in a collaborative role across a variety of activities that allow you to pursue purpose-driven work, delivering a tangible outcome and impact far greater than just the bottom line.
  • Exceptional experiences — We provide the scale, teams and technology to show you what’s possible, so you’ll see opportunities where others see challenges. You will be able to make a meaningful impact, your way. A career as unique as you are - it’s yours to build.
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusiveness — Our strong commitment to treating people fairly, and recognize and reward equitably, means you’ll have equal access to opportunities and progression. 
  • New ways of working — You’ll work in an environment that enables a healthy integration between work and home, allowing you to manage your personal commitments while still being able to achieve your professional goals.
  • Global network — You’ll work in a global organization with a supportive and collaborative environment with access to international opportunities, exposure to a wide breadth of industries and diverse colleagues.

What background and past experience is needed for the EY Reconnect returnship program?

EY Reconnect has been specifically designed for those with 2 to 10 years of experience in transaction diligence, corporate finance advisory and/or valuation and business modeling analytics looking to re-start their career after a break of at least one year. You may have taken time out for childcare, eldercare, relocation, or other personal commitments. Whatever the reason, we are here to support your transition back to work!

The EY Reconnect returnship program is an opportunity to join an inclusive and diverse organization where we encourage creativity and flexibility. The skills you’ve acquired from your career break will be celebrated and valued as much as those from your professional CV.

Where will I be working?

Our EY Reconnect returnship program provides a professional bridge for career returners to re-enter the workplace after an extended break. 

The returnship will follow EY Return to Office guidance for the NY metro area and align to the various EY Ways of Working. Depending on circumstances at the time of the returnship, candidates should expect a combination of in-person and virtual experiences with the program. If you are not in the NY metro area, but are interested in applying, please reach out to us at EY Reconnect.