Gen Z has become more politically active in the past year.

It's ready to stand up, speak out and support causes it believes in.

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    In 2020, Americans had the time, space, and conditions to form a response to social injustice like nothing we have seen before.


    of Gen Z respondents participated in a political rally or protest or signed a petition for a cause they agree with — a 9% increase from before the pandemic

Gen Zs see a world on fire. 

And these pragmatists are inclined to answer the bell.

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    They recognize that there’s no guarantee that their efforts will have the intended outcome. Yet they still persevere to secure a future for themselves and those that follow.

Gen Zs are united in what they see as the issues of our time.

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    Gen Z want to make changes for their families, friends, and communities — not just today, but for generations to come.  

They see climate change as an existential threat, and their actions back it up.

Gen Z activism is front and center. 

Gen Zs want to be allies in the face of racial injustice. They are living through the crippling effects of addiction. They see gun violence as a problem with no clear solution.

Implications for employers

You can no longer have just one foot in — it’s time to act and create the fair, diverse organizations that Gen Z not only expects, but demands.

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    Look how vocal Gen Z has been with climate change and racism. And it's just getting started. It's about to do the same thing with gun violence, drug abuse, and addiction.

    Companies must proactively define what real progress looks like and follow that up with real actions. Nearly two-thirds of Gen Z respondents look for businesses with a genuine commitment to their values — and increasingly find that important in their employer. This will also ring true of the brands they will choose to support and the experiences to which they will devote their time.

    Bubble graphic showing share of Gen Z who say it’s extremely or very important for employers to share their values by segment. 75% of Authentic Activists, 71% of Stressed Strivers, 60% of Secluded Perfectionists, 51% of Big Dreamers and 17% of Carefree Constituents think it is important to work for employer that shares their values.

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