Customer and growth in financial services

In a changed financial services market, growth starts with hyperpersonalized, “anywhere, anytime” solutions that meet customer needs.

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Seamless interactions. Hyperpersonalized experiences. Flexible solutions that easily respond to shifting customer needs and aspirations.

The path from recovery to growth starts with increased customer-centricity – understanding what customers need, the experiences they covet and the heightened importance of financial well-being.

Across financial services, there is unprecedented upside for those firms that can successfully shift from selling and servicing products to providing integrated, personalized experiences and holistic solutions aligned to customer needs. Consumers expect seamless, hyperpersonalized digital journeys tailored to their unique situations and buying habits. Financial institutions (FIs) need to accompany consumers on those journeys, meeting their financial needs at the point of engagement — even outside the FI’s own digital ecosystem.

For banks, insurers, and wealth and asset managers, it’s time to refine the strategies, reimagine the business models, improve analytics and explore bold innovation, from ecosystem orchestration and  data monetization to the creation of new services. They must anticipate and deliver what their customers need through data-driven experences.

The EY customer and growth team helps financial services firms by:

  • Designing and delivering customer experiences to increase trust and loyalty
  • Creating customer-centric business and operating models that break down organizational silos
  • Building end-to-end platforms and data environments to generate deeper customer insight and more authentic experiences

Ernst & Young LLP helps financial institutions transition to more customer-centric business models based on trust and deeper insight. EY customer and growth solutions help drive growth through greater customer centricity.

Marketing and growth leaders’ agenda

Anticipate and deliver what customers need through frictionless, data-driven experiences.


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