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AI Summit NYC: How leaders are tapping the potential of AI

Discover how leaders at the AI Summit NYC are embracing AI to reshape the future of their businesses.

Keeping pace with rapid AI advancements is proving essential to businesses that are looking to sustain a competitive edge and drive long-term growth. At the annual AI Summit NYC, business leaders converged to showcase how businesses at the forefront of their industries are tapping into the power of AI.

A few of the topics covered at the three-day conference included cutting-edge insights and use cases for how businesses can employ commercial AI for improved business efficiency, productivity and growth.

How business can work to alleviate AI anxiety

Samta Kapoor, EY Americas Energy AI and Trusted AI leader explains how businesses can leverage AI for upskilling in a responsible and regulated way.

AI-driven value creation: How AI is changing the face of business

Watch this interview to learn about how leaders think a wide variety of industries can benefit from AI implementation.

Session: Making GenAI responsibly fashionable

During this session, the speakers will discuss the potential impact of GenAI on the fashion industry and provide insights on how companies can leverage this technology effectively.

Harnessing the potential of AI for financial services

Financial institutions are actively exploring the value that AI holds for them. In this session, industry leaders give real-life examples to activate analytics strategies and explore the tangible benefits that AI brings to organizations.

Session: Scaling AI to accelerate health diagnostics

AI solutions are enhancing productivity, ease and transparency for employees, patients, doctors and hospitals. This session focuses on how to launch AI across an organization, leverage the breadth of AI technologies to solve problems, and maximize financial benefits and patient-focused outcomes.

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