Winning matters. When we send the United States Army somewhere, we don’t go to participate, we don’t go to try hard. We go to win. That is extremely important because there’s no second place or honorable mention in combat.

James C. McConville
Chief of Staff of the Army

EY supports the Army from the headquarters to the battlefield


EY advantage

EY is a highly integrated, global organization. We can respond faster than our competitors, and seamlessly access knowledge and talent from across the world. We bring together leading public sector and commercial practices to drive innovation and solve problems for our government clients.

EY solutions

Modernization requires the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, doing the right things.

Our solutions deliver integrated capabilities that can address the U.S. Army’s most pressing challenges and highest priorities as it builds an agile and adaptive Army to support future war fighter needs.

  • Fiscal constraints

    Financial management:

    • Planning and budgeting
    • Controls and compliance
    • Systems and enabling technologies
    • Audit remediation and liaison

    Accountability and cost savings in a complex finance environment

  • Supply chain complexity

    Supply chain reinvention:

    • Supply-side optimization
    • Supply chain operating model
    • Integrated digital planning and fulfillment
    • Supply chain resilience and risk

    Integrated, effective and resilient systems and processes

  • Fragmented digital environment

    Leadership insights and analytics:

    • Flexible analytics platform
    • Rapid solution innovation
    • Data quality intelligence
    • Seamless artificial intelligence

    Addressing data analytics needs across mission support activities

  • Aging infrastructure

    Infrastructure/asset management:

    • Technology enablement
    • Program and project management
    • Integrity monitoring
    • Facilities and asset management

    Modernizing installations and facilities for readiness

  • Competition for talent

    Change and learning:

    • HR transformation
    • Talent development and management
    • Strategic communications
    • Employee experience design

    Harnessing the people agenda to hire, retain and develop talent

  • Emerging threats and vulnerabilities

    Trust by design/cyber:

    • Cybersecurity
    • Governance, risk and compliance
    • Business relationship and economic threat analysis

    Proactive protection of critical capabilities, data and technologies

  • Evolving mission requirements

    Agency transformation:

    • Operating model design
    • Process automation and system modernization
    • Shared services

    Reforming and transforming the way the Army does business

As global operations become more complex, innovation today leads to increased mission success tomorrow. Download the latest report from Government and Public Sector Consulting.

Our team

EY - Kevin Nagel

Kevin Nagel
Global Client Service Partner

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Daniel Allyn

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EY - Kevin Aven

Kevin Aven
Logistics and Supply Chain

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EY - Jeff Faiman

Jeff Faiman
Business Development

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EY - Rajeev Kapoor

Rajeev Kapoor
Strategy and Transactions

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EY - Jim Menard

Jim Menard

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EY - Joe Quinn

Joe Quinn
Consulting Account Leader

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EY - Heidi Richards

Heidi Richards
Internal Audit

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EY - Eveka Rodriguez

Eveka Rodriguez

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EY - Gary Winch

Gary Winch

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Our Army team brings diverse perspectives. We have over 500 professionals including our subcontractors. The team is composed of 25% Black professionals, 10% Latin, 23% Asian and 40% women.

Heidi Richards
Executive Director Army Account

Our values

We are:

  • People who demonstrate integrity, respect, teaming and inclusiveness
  • People with energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead
  • People who build relationships based on doing the right thing

EY Veterans Network

EY is on the forefront of veteran initiatives. Through our exposure to the marketplace and our leadership in the diversity and inclusion space, we have yielded positive organizational results through optimizing our veteran hiring and veteran network initiatives.  Investing in veterans and in our veterans network has brought us a positive return on in-vestment through:

  • Unparalleled depth in leadership experience;
  • Top performing team-players who understand how to execute a business strategy and can lead through uncertainty; and
  • Brand enhancement, company and community loyalty, and civic engagement