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Achieving health equity drives long-term value for the business enterprise. EY health equity tools rapidly assess key internal and external stakeholders’ health equity performance along a portfolio of customized health equity metrics, determining key market dynamics that inform business decisions and strategic planning that provide health systems with competencies to deliver health equity.

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Aligned with our commitment to antiracism in the US, EY seeks to enable societal and health industry transformation toward accountability for health-equity delivery. According to the National Institutes of Health, health equity is “the principle underlying a commitment to reduce — and, ultimately, eliminate — disparities in health and in its determinants, including social determinants,” and pursuing it “means striving for the highest possible standard of health for all people and giving special attention to the needs of those at greatest risk of poor health, based on social conditions.

Successful health-equity strategies will require holistic and coordinated approaches across multiple industries, integrating accountable initiatives with the goal of eliminating health disparities in vulnerable communities. The EY Health Navigator helps organizations determine the key market dynamics that inform business decisions by providing patient demographic data correlated with quality-of-care insights and the presence of outcome disparities, driven by the social determinants of health and more. We provide leading practices to help organizations develop competencies in health-equity delivery with measurable benchmarks using our proprietary EY Health Navigator tool.

We approach our development and execution for our clients’ health equity strategies by utilizing our competency toolkit, health-equity maturity model and other leading tools to drive results across the ecosystem. Our methodology equips clients to identify performance gaps and opportunities, develop and execute health-equity strategies and deploy integrated solutions that will advance health equity in leading organizations and their communities.

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