Consumer Products & Retail AI Assessment and Blueprinting Platform

We help consumer product and retail companies maximize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) investments by identifying strategic insights and high-value areas creating clarity across dimensions and functions to accelerate the adoption of generative AI (GenAI) for transformative change, value creation and long-term growth in alignment with your priorities.

Retail-specific and consumer product-specific frameworks

Understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning can transform operations beyond creating efficiencies. Tailored questions quickly identify priority focus areas based on your strategic imperatives. Retailers can gain clarity into innovation use cases such as personalized product recommendations, store layout, and fraud detection and how those corresponding investments can lead to transformed operations. Similarly, consumer product companies can dive into innovation use cases such as sales forecasting, demand forecasting, segmentation and targeting, and territory mapping and optimization. We understand that application, investment and growth opportunities across retailers and consumer product companies vary and therefore so should an assessment.

Maturity insights within five critical business areas and across numerous stakeholders

A comprehensive perspective requires exploring capabilities and risks across business areas as well as functions. A look at the entirety of an organizational landscape will enable a transparent view to highlight your current state, desired destination and the pace of progress needed to attain your goals. Gain insight into capabilities and risks across five critical areas – strategy, governance, tech infrastructure, data infrastructure and cybersecurity – as seen through the lens of company-wide stakeholders and functional leaders.

Identify where you are now and where you want to be. Hover over each tile for more information about your maturity level.

Visibility into high-value investment areas and corresponding value levers

AI and ML have the ability to transform front-, middle- and back-office operations, creating enterprise-wide value. Enabling employees, rethinking the research and development (R&D) process, enhancing consumer experiences, driving better decisions and delivering shareholder value are some of the areas in which retailers and consumer product companies can realize value. Aligning AI and ML investment areas to company priorities can deliver a meaningful return on investment and transformative growth. Identifying the right focus areas and corresponding value levers is a critical early stage step.



Customized insights

The EY Consumer Products & Retail AI Assessment and Blueprinting platform assesses where you are and where you want to be, charting customized pathways to illuminate your journey. Benchmarking against more than 500 measurement points provides a comprehensive view of your readiness and a strategic mobilization roadmap. The roadmap, aligned to your priorities, focuses on the areas in which AI can yield the greatest returns to help achieve your enterprise-wide priorities. Each retailer and brand will travel its own journey and identify the maturity level that makes the most sense for it. It does not need to be a linear journey. Through a comprehensive exploration you can gain clarity to embrace AI for strategic transformation and long-term value creation for sustainable growth.

Explore use cases

EY teams have helped consumer companies employ GenAI as a strategic driver bridging transformation and business imperatives.

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