Government supply chain and operations

Helping government agencies reinvent end-to-end supply chains, business processes and business services outcomes to deliver cost savings with increased resilience across complex ecosystems of suppliers and customers.

What EY can do for you

In response to growing challenges, government agencies are re-architecting a defense supply chain and logistics infrastructure that enables resilience, visibility, velocity and agility at scale in support of new warfighting concepts. Future supply chains will be hyper-connected networks that are digital, data driven, and able to flex and adapt to events and conditions in real time. Our team can assist government agencies with the following components:




End-to-end supply chain visibility

The use of a control tower to provide visibility across supply chains using enterprise data and enabling decisions
Better visibility of supply chains
Supply chain risk management
Provide a program for agencies to conduct supply chain risk management 
More resilient supply chains
Digital twins
Provide capability for government agencies to create digital twins of processes, physical infrastructure, or both to improve outcomes and manage risk
“What-if” scenarios, better planning, reduced costs, improved outcomes and becoming more predictive
Warehousing of the future
Optimization of warehousing functions via automation and insertion of digital solutions
Reduced costs; improved inventory accuracy and agility of operations
Supply chain reinvention framework
A framework that can help government organizations bring fundamental change to improve supply chain performance and reduce costs
Driving better agency support, reduction in operating costs, and improved reliability
Advanced manufacturing and connected supply chains
Using Industry 4.0 processes, procedures and technologies to create digital supply chains connected to product manufacturing through to consumption
A digital supply chain ecosystem that is agile and responsive to changing demand in order to prevent disruptions

Building the supply chain of the future: watch the webinar

Agency leaders explore how organizations are approaching supply chain risk management and the data strategy behind it.

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Welcome to the future of supply chain

Learn about the impact of digitalization, the need for supply chain reinvention to meet the demands of today's digital world and what the future of supply chain looks like.

EY Supply Chain Intelligence Platform

The EY Supply Chain Intelligence Platform brings the visibility needed to enable a networked and resilient supply chain for today and for the future. Now you can analyze the entire breadth of your supply chain to better align with your business priorities.

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