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Ernst & Young US LLP offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services through the contract outlined on this page.

Service offerings

  1. Products and Services - Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of technologies and platforms to accomplish these tasks. This category comprises of Respondents that can provide hyper-automation solutions, or the application of multiple AI technologies. These Respondents have the history and capacity to provide a comprehensive approach in guiding customer through an array of possible solutions. To be eligible for this category, the Respondent had to identify themselves as being able to provide products relevant to all other available categories identified in the RFO Scope. 
  2. Products and Services - Machine Learning (ML): ML is a process that uses rules and procedures to provide advanced statistical analysis or prediction without having to apply explicit instructions. Machine Learning  uses datasets streamed into models to describe, recommend, or forecast  trends and patterns.
  3. Products and Services - Robotic Process Automation (RPA): RPA is when a machine does work that might previously have been done by  humans. RPA may learn how to perform such human tasks by observing a  human’s actions through a graphical user interface (GUI) to then be able to repeat such itself tasks directly in the GUI. RPA technologies may  perform complex tasks by automating actions across a number of software applications. Unassisted RPA, or advanced RPA that does not require any  input from the user, is also included in this scope.  
  4. Products and Services - Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP applies to a computer’s ability to process and analyze human (natural) language.  
  5. Products and Services - Computer Vision (CV): CV pertains to a  computer’s ability to identify and process information from images,  including multi-dimensional data, video, and digital images. 
  6. Products and Services- Digital Assistant (DA):  DA performs tasks or  provides services in response to commands or questions via speech or text (email, SMS, web browser, etc.). Advanced digital assistants may be programmed to learn from data input and continuously improve predictions of user needs.

Contract Pricing

Contact Information

Ernst & Young US LLP Contract Number: DIR-CPO-5146

How to order:

  1. Visit DIR's website for product and pricing information or contact Jodie Wedge, Associate Director, at or +1 571 334 3437.
  2. Generate a Purchase Order made payable to Ernst & Young US LLP, and you must reference DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-5146 on your Purchase Order.
  3. Email or fax your Purchase Order and quote form to your designated vendor sales representative.

Customers may provide written notice to Ernst & Young U.S. LLP of errors, inaccuracies, or other deficiencies in products or services provided by Ernst & Young U.S. LLP under a Purchase Order within thirty (30) calendar days or receipt of an invoice for such products or services. Ernst & Young U.S. LLP shall correct such error, inaccuracy, or other deficiency attributable to Ernst & Young U.S. LLP for failure to perform the services in a professional and workmanlike manner at no additional cost to the Customer.

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