For the insurance industry to fulfill its purpose and its potential, underwriting transformation is needed now.

Underwriting transformation requires carriers to harness technology to support a new way of working, allowing underwriters to focus on key aspects of risk selection and analysis that drive competitive advantage and market differentiation.

To do this well, the underwriter of the future will have additional responsibilities apart from risk selection and pricing. This includes:

The underwriter of the future

Underwriters must be empowered and enabled to do more: be more efficient, more effective, more productive, more creative and more consistently profitable. This means aligning underwriting with an insurer’s operating model, agents and brokers in a dynamic ecosystem of data/decision scientists, customer advocates, sales executives and innovators.

As converging forces shape the industry’s future, EY collaborates with insurers to envision their best future and map the journey to modernize their underwriting abilities and drive them forward.

How EY can help

EY has the knowledge, tools, insights, alliances and technology capabilities to power an underwriting transformation that aligns with strategic objectives and operating models and ensures flexibility for the future.

We combine our deep understanding of the insurance industry with the operations and technology landscape to explore the right approaches for tackling automation, data and analytics, customer experience, digital transformation, performance improvement, risk and strategy.

Our diverse talent and experienced leadership include insurance industry leaders and visionaries, chief underwriting officers, underwriters, product managers and operations professionals, technologists and data scientists.

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