EY Legislative Management Suite

Ernst & Young LLP’s industry-leading Legislative Management Suite is built on the enterprise Microsoft technologies that IT organizations already support, including Windows, Office, Active Directory, SQL Server, .NET and Azure.

What EY can do for you

Legislatures are not immune to today’s demand that organizations do more with less. The number and complexity of bills filed for consideration by state legislatures increases from year to year, a challenge compounded by processes that in some cases still rely on paper. Citizen engagement is at an all-time high, with consumer-level expectations of real-time data and access.

Our Legislative Management Suite helps legislators and legislative staff work with greater efficiency and accuracy while increasing transparency to the public. Modules can be interfaced to legacy systems as stand-alone solutions or deployed together to provide a seamless system supporting every step of the legislative process as an idea becomes a law.

Every legislature is governed by unique rules, customs and processes. LMS modules are built on a Microsoft foundation and configured to support the specific workflows of each client chamber.

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